Looking for artists for 20th Jan


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inside miszt's head
Anyone got any artwork they'd like to display? were doing a party on the 20th of Jan @ the Synergy Centre, and I'd like to set up an art wall for people to show their work, if you'd like to show off your stuff, email me misztifiedmind@yahoo.co.uk with sum pics :ibiggrin:

We'd like to do this reguly to show diffrent artists, so if you cant make the 20th email us anyway and we'll find a diffrent date for you, next pty is Feb 17th (i think, sumwhere around that date anyway lol)

We dont use Smoke machines, although the area they will be in is a smoking area, we recomend you cover your work so its not damaged by the smoke (can use a strong hairspray for this..b carefull u dont use to much tho, I've done it myself without any problems in the past but you might like to get sum professional advice first, as I cant take responsability for it getting fukt up by this process)

Not sure how the area will be lit, but we have 150 white fairy lights to cover the area, so should be fine, any UV artwork also welcome and we can setup UV Strips

Edit: doesnt have to be big, any sizes are welcome


does covering material in strong hairspray and displaying it in a crowded club violate any fire regulations ?


ooh i dont know if the laquer iitself is flammable or the propellant or both! ?

might be worth looking into