looking for GROUNDBREAKING psy


in the JUNGLE!
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Everywhere and Nowhere
what are SERIOUSLY new fresh sounding psy albums. what i've been recommended so far has been so STANDARD.


`all u need for groundbreaking is some very very big speakers! Im sure it will cause a quake of some kind....maybe a 'psyquake'!

and when u say groundbreaking, u leave your question very open! Are u a regular psy listener? Do u like hard sounding psytrance or are u a fluffy cat after some morning melodies?

The list of possibilites can go on for a very long time, and everyone is different in there prefered style! One person , for instance, may say an artist like Rinkadink is amazing, fresh and original where as another person may miss the point and say he lacks melody and fluidity! Im not that much of an hard ass on psytrance but it totally depends on what u are after mate!

im only trying to help!
talpa, very inventive..... but some people have commented (perfectly reasonably) that it's very ubermelodic and at times sounds too much like infected mushroom

the RAM / Last Possible Solution / NRS albums are all good, a crunchier sound than has been around of late, but whether it's really going to nail your scrtotum to the desk of amazing music i dunno....

if there was an option to erase part of your brain so that you could hear the first three tip colours, doof lets turn on, and the hallucinogen albums again but for the first time, would you take it? I would.

Talpa should squeeze a few subliminal spots, shooting spurts of neurological puss accross the gaping expanse of your perceptual penumbra.

In a good way.



The Nano hive are buzzing at the mo too, check it all out. Especially Protoculture and co.
ben - you are gross - why don't you suck your own penumbral pus

my advice : wait till the Voice of Cod Album comes out in April, or check out any release from the organic schedule - such as new generation - we try not to release the same ol shmamaeol...

variety is the spice
Agreed - Organic is very different and fully psychedelic. They've come a long way...

May I have a mention on this:


One of the most concise mind bending compilations.Ever.

Thank you!

that looks proper fuktup !! ;] have to investigate..
also check the psy-breaks thread; some of the stuff listed there might satisfy ya cravings? joujouka etc.. but it aint necessarily trance
also if Ubar Tmar [or his stable, aka etc] has anything new will be worth listening to.
He-he! This thread made me listen to it again...Proper :shrooms: :trippn: music.

Uni are also --> :wo^thy: First album is almost impossible to find but Spotted Mesa is absolutely great (with Ubar Tmar doing a remix) and new album La Movin is out and available! :sun:
thanks everyone. i hope some of this stuff kicks butt. and to answer the first question i like both dark stomping and morning chill.... as long as they are beautifully intricate and well produced and original. phew. :Smile3:
Have you heard any stuff by quadra? Groovy funky kinda psy..Grrreat stuff for early morning rise and shine!! :punk:
izzat a new one? or old? eg. a major problem in australia...
[I suspect the latter as you are being pessimistic]
does anyone know if psykovsky have their own album out?
fancy hearing that...
thats psy trance for ya !!
hasn't moved on very much in the uk or israel etc for a while [I think]
but the east european, mexican & brazilian? new stuff is pretty fuktup from wot I've heard so far.
have you heard uber tmar - True ? (Rhythmism 1-8) old but a fkn quality journey...
ps. how did you get a pic of my mum?
Kox-Box IS Psytrance. At Least imo.
Course, they split into Kox Box and Saiko Pod now... Ion is also Ionizer on some projects.. I posted an email he sent to me a few weeks ago with a few of his thoughts...

Can't bne arsed to get it though.


Amen Ion & fRank.


Check out the Saiko remixes - Phutures and Options. In fact check phutures and options.

You'lll fookin lurve it..


Freq and electric universe had the best releases lately. Nothing groundbreaking about them though.

Although, that opinion my change completely if I play spacechanger just now.