looking for live msic band


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:!: hi..
we are organizing a leftfield night, in North London, th 1st and 3rd of every months. The event would consist of a mixture of live bands, cultural films, speeches and debates. :cool:
The first night, 1st October, will be organize toghether with War on Want and it will focus on the issue of the Palestinian wall.
If you want come to play, or you know anyone who want, please contact me... we are always looking for new bands/ artists
Other wise, you are all invite to come.!!!! :Wink3:
more information soon!!

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Hey mati
r u talking about psychedelic music bands?
If yes we would like to discuss about coming and playing there.Please answer me to know!

just to know, what do u mean with psychedelic music band? something like pink floyd?
which instruments do u play?
the venue is a pub, pretty big, but always a pub... if u think it would fit with the atmosphere of a multimedia night...i am happy to have u there...
let me know and we can dicuss about it..
Geia sou Mati,

When i say psychedelic music i mean Psychedelic trance music.This kind we are playing and particularly full on (145 bpm)
I don't know if u r looking in here for something like this but if u want to we can!
Don't forget that this forum's name is PSY FORUM.................
yes bt i said Live music band... not djs...
and anyway there are different kind of psychedelich music..don t forgett!!!
what do you know about the wall any way mati????you live in israel??