Loud - Some Kind Of Creativity (Drive Records @ Nov 06)

guy cohen Dec 5, 2006

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    Hi All !

    Loud project is release debut album - Some Kind Of Creativity - on their home label Drive Records. The names behind this project are Eitan Reiter & Kobi Toledano, both from Israel. After many successful releases on different compilations, they finally present the full uplifting album !!
    The name of the album is gives a little clue about the music, so I hope you all ready to start the trip...

    1. G-mini-click
    The introduction of the first track is a psychedelic piano, which leads the track for some hallucinate places with mysterious atmosphere. The track is kind of tech-full on or something on this direction, this is not just a cheezy full on for sure. "G-mini-click" is developing smartly and gives us, the listeners, a tasty begining for the album.

    2. Subinya
    The second track is more groovy and danceable if you compare it to the first one. "Subinya" is a deep full on track with some strange vibes on the air..the track is not exploding on the beging, it is just built well gradually untill the bomb. All those effects around are add so much to the track's feeling by confuse the listener all the time.

    3. Past progressive
    Now Koby & Eitan show us their progressive steps . Be prepare people - this progy is not as usuall, this is a combination between shady progy with the deep full on. I don't know how they did it, but this guys just created a new fresh style following by elements from different types of music. "Past progressive" is full of madness moments like the up start from 04:30. Good work here.

    4. Engine on
    After heavy begining for this album, the fourth tune is more "open" and gentle. "Engine on" is actually a fine collection of soft beats with comfortable atmosphere. I really liked the female vocals, which turn the track for his softer side.

    5. In rage
    This specific track remind of the old & gold music of Cosma (RIP)...music with so much soul and emotions, so simple and enjoyalbe. All the definitions are useless in this case, lets call it just - MUSIC. "In rage" is not track with unforgettable brake or something like that, this is just a pure psychedelic tune with some serious influence on the brain...

    6. Elastic mood
    What a beautiful intro for this track...and the continuance even more finer. I'm look for words to explaing the readers what I'm hearing in the track, but can't do it. "Elastic mood" is track with big story beyond. The connection between all those tones is really impressive and addicted. The last three minutes are so fascinating...this is simply a delightful track !!!

    7. Sun dance
    Let the goove talk . Loud guys tried to return the old days, when the music was not begin with full power and keep that way all over the track...their music are bring a new message of true spirit & freedom and honest pleasure. If you want taste a goa-full on track, give a listening for "Sun dance" track.

    8. 1 missed call
    "1 missed call" is a funky track with some funny games and positive vibes. I did not connect immediately to this track like the tracks before, but after few listens I found it very nice one.

    9. Long cut
    Where the hell this track came from ?! the unclear stlye of Kobi & Eitan is just so colorful and varied, you can't expect the continuation, just suprise again and again. The kick here is flat and blurry, and all the events around force the listener to flow for unknown area..."noise with meaning" .

    10. Wired
    "Wired" is the track which leads this amazing trip for the end. Like the name, the music is not so clear...kind of freestlye tune of creative minds with strong dedire for more...too bad it ending already...now we must back to the regular reality .

    If you ask me, this album is a revolutionary. The speical music inside is defnitely not something we hear frequently, especially not from Israely artists. Loud are stand behind their promise to produce creativity materials with personal touch.

    "Some Kind Of Creativity" album is available here :
  2. Strange Daze

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    Has been top of my play list for at least the last month.....

    Check the next issue of REVOLVE magazine for my full review....

  3. Jon Kenobi

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    Sounds interesting this one. Not my cuppa chai for the dancefloor...but it certainly sounds like a good set of tracks to sit back and visit far away places
  4. The Dream Temple

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    Camden, London and during the summer months to be
    Glad someone picked up this one, dont have so much time to review cd's but this one is the dogs bollox. fat, chunky, slow, fast, up, down, dark and dirty, full power and twistedly loud.

    Nice one Guy, glad you posted this one up. Omri delivered it to me last week.:ibiggrin:

    Someone....(Hamish?) please play some of it next wekend
  5. startessa

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    Camden - London
    This is a very unusual 1st album, well done to Eitan and Kobi, extremely impressed.....anyone near the Camden area should come and check this out at Startessa ...well worth the trip.
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