Lovely night for it!

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Sarf Landan
Well.. this is my first post. Got drawn into the fold a year ago at the LGP forest party (one of the best parties I've ever been to in my life!) & have fallen more & more in love along the way.

I've got some pics of the LGP party last weekend if I can figure out how to post them... Can someone give a new girl some tips? Ta.


P.S Little Nemo - Lozza here!
go to the 'post reply' button
scroll down till your see a thin text box with 'browse' next to it
hit that then get the pic off your hard drive
welcome aboard :welcome:
ellow welcome to the forum :bananada:

to add pics to a post you just click the 'browse' button below and search for the file on your comp. click add attachment and hey presto! repeat the process for more than 1 :Smile3:

hope to see ya having a wiggle somewhere soon :lol:

huw xx
Woops, thought I'd attached my pic - can't see it! Not to worry chickadees, wil ask Little Nemo when I see him & he can give me a psy-forum lesson...

Nighty night, sweet dreams all. xXx

big up welcome, enjoy the fun fun fun :smoke: :sun: :wizard1: