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Hello there fellow trancers and prancers....

Never done a profile before, so sorry if sounds a bit on the naff side.

I have been working with Liquid Connective for the past 4 years , helping in the creative organisation, promotion, decor and music departments. I have been DJing for the past two years, starting off at Liquid parties and squat parties, Synergy, Liq Con, Xentrix, Shua, Altered States, Photon Generator, Wing makers, TIP and Astral Phoenix.

My style is funky, twisted and psy-chill....

I also love to twirl, create decor, butteflies and i am very nifty with fabrics and all things pink and fluffy!

luna love

luna lis x x


and the dancing banana is so cool.... xx
Allways liked you decor Alice, some good tunes too.
S :Smile3:
Hi there S

How are you diddeling these days. Haven't seen you in a long while, out of the country at the moment with MR tom fu. Send you lots of hugs ....

luna lis x

Doing great thanks. Working, studying, writing music, having fun. When are you guys back? Say hi to Tom for me, haven't seen him in ages.
S x