M-Audio Quattro USB!! cant decide :(


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hey ppl im planning to buy a decent soundcard for my pc and recently saw this nice looking m-audio quattro usb i was wondering if anyone knows anything about it or got any other ideas about a nice soundcard around 200 pounds, my old card was m-audio audiophile which was nice but it died due to a faulty PSU and thats 1 reason id like to go for a usb or firewire one this time, thanx :Smile3:
I got a M-audio FW410 which is a nice card, don't know the price in quids though 4ins 2 of which are digital SPDIF or optical and 10 outs 2 digital as well. It has midi in and out also, XLR ins, 2 x headphone, phantom power, solid construction and has functional software interface. It also supports up to 192khz sample rate, which you can't get close to on a USB methinks. I would and did go with FW especially as wireless firewire is on the horizon and maybe it will be a unit that slots into any FW device.