Mac users, heeeelp



I use Mac to make music, can anyone help me in getting virtual instruments and plug ins for Mac OSX? They are difficult to find. I have some to xchange as well...

Any help greatly apreciated...
Thnx for the suggestion. I' ll have a go straight away. I did not mean to suggest anything illegal by the way :smokingr:

thanx buddy
I always find it a bit sketchy when somebody comes on the forum and in their first post suggests something illegal

what, you mean like taking drugs and stuff........

Ok, no politics in this section of the forum, please. Lets keep it as it is meant to be, just media stuff.

If anybody is ok to share stuff, please let me know. I believe sharing applications should not be illegal.

By the way did you know the italian government has just done a law that makes P2P legal as long as it is not ludicrous? that's also the line of the EU laws... The principle behind this is that once we purchase a product we are entitled to do whatever we like as long as we do not make money out of it, that means we can share it freely. To the face of the americans!! :bananada:

just my opinion mind. Someone spends several hundred man hours writing software, I reckon they deserve to be paid for it.

That is also a nasty little racist streak you have going on there. I'd try and curb it if I were you. Especially as most music software isn't written in America, soooooo...

not even entering into how self defeating your own argument is.

No politics? Then a nice little rant on the Italian Law, and a quick slice of anti-american bigotry thrown in for good measure?

As I said...

....and FFS..... 'politics' *shivers* that's the last thing i would get into!

I was taking the piss :Grin:
norty303 said:
I always find it a bit sketchy when somebody comes on the forum and in their first post suggests something illegal

what, you mean like taking drugs and stuff........


Yeah, if in someone's first post they suggest I do something illegal where I could get caught, I get a little sketched. If they were to say "chill out and smoke a doobie" it wouldn't make me bat an eyelid but OTOH if they said give me your phone number/address/ip address so we can engage in some illegal activity then I get the heebe-jeebys. Let me remind you that I am living in one of the suposedly "united" states and it is basically a police state.

It isn't the fact that something is illegal that bothers me but the fact that I might get caught.

Half the reason I got a mac was so I could have a legit DAW and everytime I get tempted to DL warez I see that apple with the bite out of it and.. well I just made the connection between the garden of Eden thing, the apple, and Eve's (mans) temptation but I think you know where I am going.

Having said that though, I never would have spent the money that I have on hardware and software if I hadn't introduced myself to the world of computer music production with cracked apps in the past.
As I am new here I now realise where I stand after reading some of your posts. Should have got the picture b4 posting such a help request, obviously you got sketched, I would as well... Hope to improve for the future, please forgive my impertinence.

True that a lot of people dedicated time and effort and deserve to get paid for it. Sometimes I can afford it and it's my prefered option, sometimes I can't. Yeah, lets stick to the media subjects that's what I said, this is the last out of track from me, just thought I owe you an apology and a clarification...

I see I can learn a lot from you guys in many ways, thanks for this in advance. :Smile3:

No one there? Please?

I have the feeling that the more I say the worse this goes. I hoped to make new friends, did not want to upset anyone. I started with the wrong foot, I can see that. Cannot I make a mistake? I'm feeling very bad and confused in this moment, please at least don't ignore me...

Thnx man, feeling better alredy. :P

Hope to hear from the rest as well. Ahh and I'll keep it legal, promise!

Peace and love :Grin: