mackie active p.a systems up to 12k


naughty jesus
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the other side,no over here!
:Grin: available to hire for your wedding ,funeral,bar mitzva(?)or rave...

:speaker: :clubjump: :speaker:

we can supply a variety of sound packages to suit almost any venue or event from chillout room to open air belter good rates and friendly service!!!

a larger system may comprise of:

6x mackie swa 1800's (1200w each,peak/136db @ 1m)

4x mackie sa 1521's (750w each,peak/128db @ 1m)

2x mackie sr 1252's (havent got specs to hand!!)

+ all leads,cables,eq etc

(for an idea of size,a very similar system to above,tho NOT the same one provided sound for full on rig at little green planet party earlier this year)

we can also supply technics 1210/vestax pdx 2000 turntables,almost any cd decks and a variety of dj mixers,desks ,monitors and eqpt for live set ups and bands...

lighting and decor?? yes,kaleidoscopic fairy grotto's a speciality!!!

......constantly evolving decor,call for details......

as far as £ goes its pretty negotiable ,except for the obvious transport/maintenance costs we are quite open to serious offers!!!!

we can also run cafes and mushy bars where appropriate ...

if you are interested or have any queries please pm,e-mail or call me (jr)on 07789350787...

thanks for your time :Grin:
can i hire a green lazer off ya, and perhaps some numark axis 8 decks, and maybe a vestax pmc275a mixxa, errr and a pair of pioneer hdj1200 headphones, and a few other bits n bobs :Wink3:

chops is back in town, see ya in a bit :jump:

'Tis a truly POUNDING rig :clublase:
and not too chunky to move about either :!:
puts rigs with much higher power consumpsion to shame :badger:
his morals are dubious due to him hanging around with the oh so UnTropical Rich...........but his integrity cannot be doubted. The most important thing about this system apart from sounding AMAZING is that it has lots of blue LEDs that make it look incredibly cool. For drowning out the screams at the bar mitzvah you NEED this system.....:speaker:
The blue led ...... :wo^thy:
Yep Mr. Cisms rig rocks. I've had the privilege of stomping to it on many occasions as Mr. Cism is a good mate of mine and a very congenial and honest chap. You can't go wrong. :Grin:
Truly banging

Well fuck what troppie says he's never driven it around!! It is a beast of a system and the truth is its so powerful they often have to take along their very own Electrician to get the Generators to kick out enough power...........Word up.

Ps he is also a very good mate of mine, top quality bargain, yes please, about your price..........
Hey mickeyblueiiiis I love the shameless self-promotion!

If any of you were at the crystal fields/project circuitree party in shropshire this summer it was mickey who fixed the genny. :cool:

People, they say... sometime it appen that way...


Drat Mafia said:
his morals are dubious due to him hanging around with the oh so UnTropical Rich...........:

me......devout of morals? how could you say such a thing?
i do have morals, i just have to ignor them from time to time :Wink3:

and yes it's not the sound quality, or the size, but the blue LED's that make this rig!!!!
"his morals are dubious due to him hanging around with the oh so UnTropical Rich"

anyway, i just make em, it's micky who used to use em :P
We love the mackie madness, mmmmmmmmmmmmm :wub: !
Plus the speakers have ickle stick men next to the blue LEDs that look like this guy :partysmi:

Wooorrrrd up!