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we recently bought a 2nd user, and well passed 12 month gaurantee, Mackie d8b digital desk. Only after having it for a few days did we notice a glitch on 4 channels when using ADAT digital inputs from our Mac/Motu soundcard... contacted Mackie in the UK who said we needed to replace an ADC card at a cost of approx £500 + labour = about £700 in total.

We had no choice so sent the desk away while at Boom so as not to lose out on any valuable studio time. when we returned from Boom the desk was not fixed and was not ready for collection til a week later. this was due to mackie losing their tech guy during this period and the desk having to be repaired by an outside company (technical earth - also a great and very friendly operation). I went to collect the desk and it turns out that as an apology for taking an extra 7 days to fix it Mackie were covering the cost of not only the new card but also the labour.

so they covered over £700 of repair work on a totally out of warranty desk...!

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I am a huge Mackie fan as well. Make great, solid products that stand up to abuse and use. Plus they have some great support folk and a sense of humor. It is amazing how far a sense of humor can go!
Aye, further agreement here.... altho I've never actually asked them to repair my desk, cos I can never afford to be without it for that long !
I totally totally agree, even the manuals for my new HR624 read like a journal.

Day 1. The beasts are in the box, waiting to be positioned - but where will they go?

And on it reads..

A dream purchase. £580 on eBay - absolutely MINT condition - sounding huge - straight from the mixer.

I am propper thrilled.

Thank you.

Bom Mackie.
Mackie rule!!!!!!!!
never had any probs with the mackie rigs we use, indoor or outdoor, plug and play, if somethings not right, it just turns off. never that hard to rectify! blatblatblat!!!!!
mackie power!!!
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