Top 10 Mad Ron (Loom) -Trance riddims-

mad ron

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10 tracks with trance all over their faces:

(dedicated to the girl whoclaims she can nolonger hear the gobblins...)

1. Tristan vs Laughing Buddha - Levels of truth (Solstice)
Really nice twisty percussion and all the classic tristan tings inna Jez stylee.

2. Fromemem Ory - Chameleon (Liquid)
Missed this first time round. Classy tune from a classy geezer.

3. Dickster vs Annarchy - name ? (Nano)
Wingmakers sort of style. Lots of the annarchy proggy editing cropping up too. Soopa doopa yeah!

4. Jumanji - name ? (Nano)
The one you know so well but never knew b4 with all the crackle and pop! noises. The most green nuns style riddim from them so far.

5. Hemi-Sync - Misunderstood Transmissions (Nano)
Sounded huge at the nano party. A new UK Artist to watch out for. Awesome breakdown and some lush dark pads.

6. Crispy vs Loom - Shwingmakers (?)
"Gelatinous cube eats village...I think its terrific!" Plugging the home team innit. Wayne's world samples and a host of goodies.

7. Crispy vs Loom - Lergit Hund (?)
Harder and darker but still A pulsing deathclaw of a riddim.

8. Zen Mechanics - Ground Control (Neurobiotic)
Major tom is apparently offline.

9. Sun Ctrl Species - Daydreaming remix (Zenon?)
Like the original but even more stomping. Brrrrrup! BO BO!

10. Sub 6 vs Intelabeam - Free Q (Hommega)
Recently people have been dissing "the 6". I think anyone who heard this tune would be hard pressed to find fault in either the ideas or the execution.