Top 10 Mahogany Records (Naya vs Ruod-Rik) Christmas Top

Dj Ruod-Rik

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1 . Gms - Ghostbusters (Rmx)[140Bpm] (Spun Unr.)
2 . Bizzare Contact vs Alternative Control - Hang Over [145Bpm] (?? Unr)
3 . Dizzy Mind vs Gabriel vs Hie - Dream Reality[145Bpm] (unsigned)
4 . System Brothers - Azkaban[145Bpm] (unsigned)
5 . Gms - Arabian knights On Mescaline (Rmx)[145Bpm] (?? Unr)
6 . Alternative Control vs Freaked Frequency - Emotion[145Bpm] (?? Unr)
7 . Vibe Tribe - Melodrama[145Bpm] (Utopia Rec.)
8 . Delirious - Dynamic Force (Rmx)[14Bpm] (Hommega Unr)
9 . 1200 Mic's - Shiva' s India[145Bpm] (Tip World)
10. Life Extension - Hypnose[146Bpm] (Mahogany Unr)

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Mahogany Records is a new label of psychedelic trance music half french and half portugese base in Paris.
All infos about are coming for january 2005.
Happy 2005
With this top we want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

Mahogany Team
merry xmas to you as well :tongue1:

some nice fresh tracks there would love to here the Bizzare Contact ane the Life Extension tracks some of my favorite artist of this year :P :P