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Hey, just moved up North to Manchester with a couple of mates, so if any one out there fancies showing us the Psy scene in and around would luv 2 hear from u.


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Theres not that many psy nights in Manchester tho there is a great night called Sunrise thats on at the music box on the first friday of each month- definately worth a visit. Dont think its back until October tho- hasnt been on thru the summer so been having to travel further afield for my psy-therapy.


Recommend - Sunrise (psy) Tangled (techno/Trance/Breaks - top crowd)

FUBAR, Airtight, FUSE, SnS, Manchester Breaks, Phuture, Kindergarten, FuzzyLogic (A bit of psy), LOCKED/COMPUTER CONTROLLED, Synergy....

ALL top top nights indeed. Tangled, Oxford road, is the don though... :Smile3:

ESKIMO is coming to Manchester soon.... :Smile3: Safe yeah?!


Lost it
Went to Sunrise once before when I was visiting, defo a wicked night and the best chilout room ive ever seen. Thanks for your sugestions, will defo give them a try. Thinkin give one of the sugesstions a try in sept followed by a house warming after party.


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hows it goin.
The longer you saty in Manchester the more youll realise theres a pretty big scene if you can be arsed travelling underground. Theres too many nobs here to advertise everything publically <if im being honest>

Check these nights for regular club action:
Sunrise - Psylightlydelic Trance, first friday of every month. Oxford road Music Box,
Relativety - Occasional full on parties, Music Box
Fuzzy Logic - Bit of Psy, Breaks, tech.
Tangled - Candy colored hard house, Pheonix, Oxford road.

If ya more on the underground side of thinking check:

there ya go mate.........
.....on a plate :Smile3:

welcome to Manchester.
Hey Sunrise is underground, just cause it on the main high street, don't
mean it ain't anymore underground than squatting and partying on someone
else land without permission. You got a problem with the underground being
a public institution? Sure we would and do it for free as well, but you saying we
should starve to death and not get paid for it, or at the minimum not get our
expenses paid which is the currently typical state???