MASSIVE cd sale -- as in loads of CDs, not oversized ones


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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
updated again, nov 22nd.... -- here's the list -- PM or email <info at psyreviews dot com> or shout very, very loudly out of your window

freebies included, make me an offer etc :Wink3:
everything must go

i am selling all these because i only need one CD and that is the new one by Scozbor

New(ish) all at GBP5.00 each unless otherwise indicated
All these have been played about 2-3 times and are full retail CDs unless otherwise stated.

1200 Mics – Live In Brazil (retail)
Black & White – Retro Active / Status (TipWorld) (CDS Promo of 12â€) (GBP 2)
Frechbox – Frech (promo)
Jocid – Sonic Addiction (Sonic Dragon)
Kalium – More Reflections Of The World (retail)
Killer Buds – Interfiber Skunk (Ketuh)
Para Halu – The World Of Peace (retail)
Phony Orpahnts – It Cetera (no jewel case)
Planum – Elaborate (retail)
Psyfactor – Evil Inside (Trishula) (No jewel case)
Save The Robot – Battle Of The Mind 12†CDS (TipWorld) (CD Promo of 12â€)
Save The Robot – Battle Of The Mind Album (full retail)
Sesto Sento – Remixer (promo – no jewel case)
The Melovskys – The Evolver EP CDS (Tip New World) (CD Promo of 12â€)
The Melovskys – Psychedelic Cowboy (Tip New World) (Promo)
VA – Check In (High End)
VA – Crazy Goblins & Wicked Pixies (Trishula) (no jewel case)
VA – Double D (Dance N Dust) (retail)
VA – High Way (Compact)
VA – Hunters (Red Cells)
VA – Idea FX (retail)
VA – Invasion From Hyperspace (Organic) – Promo, no artwork or jewel case GBP 3
VA – Mind Games (Doof) – retail
VA – Point Of View (Dooflex)
VA – Project Sun Dew (Beyond Logic)
VA – Psionic Circus (Digital Psionics)
VA – PsyStories (Parvati) (no jewel case)
VA – Time Out (Spintaneous Aerobics)
VA – Tribal Maker (Tribal) – sealed
VA – Un:Balanced (BNE) (promo, no artwork or jewel case) GBP 3
VA – Urban Awakening (retail)
VA – Utopia 2: The Promised Land (Crystal Matrix)
VA – Vox Draconis (Moonstone) Promo – no jewel case
Visual Contact – La La Land (promo)
Xerox & Illumination – XI (HomMega) - retail

Chill -- @ GBP 5.00 each

Digital Mystery Tour – DMT Express (Sofa) (full retail, no jewel case)
Galaxy – Science of Ecstasy (Chillcode) – promo
Ganja Beats – Paradise And Tranquility (Organic) (Promo)
Gaudi – Testa 1105 (retail)
Human Blue – Diskovery Channel (Chillcode) - promo
Kaya Project – Elixir (retail)
VA – A Magical Journey (Ajana)
VA – Earth Octave Lounge 2 (Interchill) (promo)
VA – Mountain High 2 (retail)
VA – Namaskar (Indica) – sealed
VA – Quality Relaxation (Chill Tribe)

OLDER all at GBP 5.00 each (including sealed ones)

These are generally in great condition, played only a couple of times and never gigged. One or two have been used for playing out and may have a ring written around the best tracks, or writing on the surface of the CD (e.g. “8 – wicked†sort of thing.) Any questions, please ask.
This first lot are all FULL RETAIL versions.

Abracadabra – Abracadabra (Hadshot)
Airgate – The Third Step (Compact Recs) – sealed
Aphex Twin – Drukqs (Warp)
Beat Hackers – System Error (USTA)
CON Sequencer – Impulses (Jumjam)
Dark Nebula –The 8th Sphere (Digital Psionics)
Dynamic – Dynamix (Phonokol)
Element – Full Moon (Spirit Zone)
Ethereal – Anima Mundi (Tranceform)
Feuerhake – Excess All Areas (Freeform) 5
Frequency Surfer – Respect (Inpsyde Media)
Fünf D – No Promises (Spirit Zone)
Gataka – Drop The Mask (Phonokol)
Genetic Spin – Lowrider (Creamcrop)
Great Leap Forward – Cinkofa (Flying Rhino)
Hujaboy - Sonic Tonic (Hom Mega)
Igneous Sauria – Encepfalophagus (Creamcrop) Sealed
Infected Mushroom – Cities Of The Future CDS (BNE)
Infected Mushroom – Converting Vegetarians (BNE)
Infected Mushroom – Deeply Disturbed CDS (BNE)
Init String – Iterations (Subtle Distortion)
Jacques Gelee – Royal (Sunset)
Liquid Green Dogs – Colours (Element)
Magnetrixx – Phase Shift (Tatsu) Sealed
Mekkanika – Basic Tribal Pattern (Spirit Zone)
Nomad – Hyperactive (3d Vision)
Onyx – Direct Out (Bionics)
Panick – Pocket Rocket (Phonokol)
Perplex – Off Beat (Compact)
Promon – Funky Fumes (Inpsyde Media)
Psycraft – Gravitech (HomMega)
Psydrop – The Miracle Man (Agitato)
Psysex – Hardcore Blastoff (HomMega)
Sesto Sento – The Inner Light (Compact)
Shiva Chandra – Subsonic (Spirit Zone)
Spectrum – XXX (Spectrum/3d Vision)
Star X – Prepare To Fly (Compact)
The Infinity Project – Mystical Experiences (SEALED) (javelin pressing ‘96)
Triptych – Lost Paradise (Turbotrance)
Ultravoice – Magic Sound Factory (Compact)
VA – 1st Element: Wasabi (Element)
VA – Adrenalin Take One (Phonokol)
VA – Alfa (Liquid & Solid)
VA – Amazon (Turbotrance)
VA – Area 51: Second Contact (JumJam)
VA – B Trance (Hommega)
VA – Barbarella Lounge Sessions (Phonokol)
VA – Blissful Moments (Tranceform)
VA – Bondi Bitch (Phonokol)
VA – Conspirators of Pleasure (Alchemy)
VA – Cosmopolite (Compact)
VA – Digital Tribe (Alchemy)
VA – Echoes (Moon Spirits)
VA – Electronic High 3 (Solstice)
VA – Empty Hand (Trancelucent)
VA – Ethno Dance (Nova Tekk 1998)
VA – Final Destination (Element)
VA – Fundamental (Horns & Hoofs)
VA – Future Link (Bionics) Sealed
VA – Generations (BNE)
VA – Global Psychedelic Trance 8 (Spirit Zone)
VA – High Octane (Procyon)
VA – High Paradise (Solar Flares)
VA – Internationalism Vol 2 (Spiral Trax)
VA – Irresistible Meltdown (Plusquam)
VA – Israeliens 3 Conflict (HomMega)
VA – Lighten (Sub Machine)
VA – Mechanism (Spiral Trax)
VA – Oxygen (Spectral Concepts) Sealed
VA – Perfect Evolution (Intersound)
VA – Psionic Realms (Digital Psionics)
VA – Raveolution (Phonokol)
VA – Retro: 10 Years Of Israeli Trance (Phonokol)
VA – Shoot It Out (USTA)
VA – Sola Sonorum (Spirit Zone)
VA – Solstice (Solstice 2002)
VA – Sunset Boulevard 2 (Sunset)
VA – The Best of Psychedelic Krembo (Krembo)
VA – The Next Levels (Creamcrop)
VA – The Singles (Spirit Zone)
VA – Unbreakable (Turbotrance)
VA – Vibration 4 (Medium)
VA – Virtual Memory (Alchemy)

VA – Zoo 2 (Shaffel)
VA – Zoom (Happy People)
Xerox – Frequency Drive (BNE)
X-Wave – Miko: X-Wave II (Balloonia)
Yahel – Hallucinate (HomMega)
Yahel – Private Collection (Hom Mega)
Zorba – Zorba (Shaffel)


The below are all non-retail versions… mostly with just the CD and tracklisting in a plastic wallet, sometimes just the CD. Most are the full retail CD’s but some are test pressings. Contact me with any questions. These are going at GBP 4.00 each.

Aphid Moon – High Diver (Dragonfly)
Distortion Orchestra – Chaoscillations (Relativity)
Green OMS – Coming Through In Waves (Dragonfly)
IndiaDrop – Backwards Into Chaos (Galactica)
Mukunga Umbura – Secret Vision (Inpsyde Media)
Nomad – Mad Attck (3d Vision)
Opsis – Time Means Nothing (ZMA)
Prodigal Sun – Do Not Panic (Afterburn)
Psypilot – Destination Future (Turbotrance)
Space Cat – Power UP CDS
Sugar – Bionic Wonderland (Green Ant)
Talamasca – Zodiac (3d Vision)
Triptych – Lost Paradises 12†(CDS Promo) (Turbotrance)
V/A – Buckle Up (Trancelucent)
V/A – Electric Ohms (Boom)
V/A – Full on 6 (HomMega)
V/A – Holographic Memory 2 (Solstice)
V/A – Inca:Nations (TipWorld)
V/A – Israeliens 4 (HomMega)
V/A – Jetlag (3d Vision)
V/A – Neo (Transient)
V/A – Orbis Tertius (Timecode)
V/A – Progressive Trance : End Of An Era (ACDC)
V/A – PsyBration (AP Records)
V/A – Spectrum Analyzer Chapter 2 (Spectrum)
V/A – TipWorld Singles 2002 (TipWorld)
V/A – Touchin Bass (Dragonfly)
V/A – Zila Records Promo (zila)
V/A – Zoo-B 2: Bolsheviks (USTA)

Chilled / non-psy…all at GBP4.00 each

FTC – The Package Of Life (Holly Schwartze)
Jairamji – Kindred Spirits (Dakini)
Modaji – Excursions (Obsessive) (chill/house crossover)
My Child – Walk With Love (Phonokol)
Nodens Ictus –Spacelines (Stretchy)
VA – Familiar: Sunset Ambient Moods (Sunset)
VA – Mastercuts Chilled (Mastercuts)
VA – The Shrine: Afrodigital (Ocho) – (great brazillian house/chill crossover)

Jon Kenobi

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hey damion send me the list when you have done it.....wouldnt mind having a lookie to see what ya got on offer


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far away
do you think you will have any bros cds if so send me the list as well