Massive Drug Raid today...


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From the BBC

600 police descend in dawn raids
The raid was Hampshire's biggest ever pre-planned operation

Hundreds of police have swooped on suspected drug dealers in dozens of simultaneous dawn raids across England.

Some 600 Hampshire officers - including an armed unit - made arrests at 48 addresses of those suspected of Class A drug dealing and selling stolen goods.

Forty homes were raided in Hampshire, three in London and five in Birmingham, at the end of a year-long investigation codenamed Operation Phoenix.

Police are to announce how many arrests were made at a press conference later.

Any recovered stolen goods will also be displayed at the meeting at St Mary's Stadium at lunchtime.

Police targetted addresses in Hampshire, London and Birmingham

The raids were Hampshire Constabulary's biggest pre-planned operation and come after Southampton was set a Home Office target to cut crime by 25% by 2008.

It is hoped anyone who is charged will appear before Southampton magistrates on Friday.

Hampshire officers have also prepared more than 100 initiatives across the county to try to stop other criminals filling the void left by those arrested.

Schools will run campaigns, more officers will be put on the beat, adverts will run on buses and leaflets will be distributed to homes, to encourage people to report any new crime.


Now Less Confused
Shit.... i guess its gonna be a bit of a famine here then... AGAIN.

Not that i can afford to buy any drugs anyway... :unsure:


is it a public meeting at st mary's?


Now Less Confused
martin_e said:
No idea - why thinking of turning up with a big rucksack ? :Grin:

No, think maybe he wants to score one last time before they all get done over by the courts :P


i think it could do a few of my friends in southampton some good if there's a shortage of class A's


Good to see, the boys in blue are doing a sterling job.


slicker than a cabbage
Bastards, wonder how many people they are gonna successfully prosecute? i bet that wont take up so much media space! also why arnt they gonna display the drugs theyve found? if it had been as successful as they are making out then surley they would be boasting about this as well. sounds like its more of a media stunt to reassure middle england they are winning the war on drugs whilst at the same time achieving absolutely fuck all!:ilol:

good old OB you got a give them 10 out of 10 for effort!:irofl: :irolleyes

doubt it will stay dry for long!:iyes:


mr_cool said:
is it a public meeting at st mary's?

i shat myself, live in st marys and houses on my street were getting done. Was sat there waiting for some tanked up copper to come bursting through my door...