Matenda - Tunnel Visions


Time to prime..
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I'm looking to invest in this and strange attractors, whaddya say?

I'm off to Ibiza and will likely be playing pool-side, hob-nobbing with d'boys..

I want something creamy and hypnotic to boast alongside the deep-house vibe. I've got loads from Anti/dc and need to load up... any suggestions?

Positive answers please...

I have the first one. It's cool but not life affirming! Don't know about this one!
Son Kite I say!
if ya after that whole proggy thing to sit along side the deep house thing then Matenda wouldnt be a bad choice (in terms of last album, not heard the new one) but I'm pretty sure Son Kite would be a better option.
Just got this yerstarday and it is very good indeed - very impressed - think 'freq' for the level of quality here ......

... beautifully structured progressive trance !!!! Best thing out on Flow for donkeys !!!!

Loves it me !! :cool:
Nice one Jamez...

Appreciate the advice.

*thinks 'FreQ' for quality level*


Freq is an absolute grower! Initially was "been there done that" now am airing it at least once a day. (twice a day goes for Texas Faggot!)

Still gathering funds for an unlimited chaos order! Soon soon...