Matte Black joins from York



Just my opportunity to say hi to everyone. I am a (nearly) 25-year-old South African currently living in York after haring round the world and doing random things like getting married and thrown out of camp sites. Those who know me, and I'm sure there are some, will know I'm a contact juggler of some repute - some like what I do, some don't, depending on their politics, but I've successfully performed in Johannesburg, London, Amsterdam, Corfu, San Francisco and Santa Cruz, using contact juggling, poi, fire-eating, and just about anything else I can get my hands on. Some fire photos are up on The Infernal Tantrum.

So, I'm currently in York and looking for parties, or even trying to find out whether interestingly psychedelic people exist around here, and if so where? And maybe one of these days I'll even pop into the juggling club and say hi.

Once again, Hello!

0--= Matte Black =--0
YAY! Welcome to Psy Forum, Matte! :welcome:

Glad to see you've already found another psyforum member living near you (hiya, dreadmonkeyninjahenners!). Folks, what this man cannot do with four (yes, four simultaneously) glass balls just ain't worth doing... You'll be agog.

Hey, Matte, I never realised you were South African - I'll listen more carefully to your accent next time we speak - hopefully in a pub in London on Wednesday evening, if Saul the latino hippy goth pulls his finger out and tells me the name and address of the establishment.

Mind you (and speaking as a Yorkshireman), after you've been living in Dog's Own County for a while you'll be talking proper, like, English as she is spoke... By gum, lad, it'll be reet good to see you again.

Hope you get a lot of responses to this thread. If not, then reproduce the opening post in the ordinary introductions forum of which this appears to be a sub-set. Yorkshire is great, but digging out a social life in a new place takes time - we've had that discussion already elsewhere.

Seeya Wednesday!

Hugs, Pete x :sonne: :shrooms: :welcome:
You're probably best off going to Leeds for Cabbage or Gecko. Or Kulu in Bradford. I'm about 80-odd miles away in Newcastle and there's nowt much on here either!