i'm about to start learning it at uni too - looks like loads of fun!! if you're struggling i guess there's plenty of resources on the web about it .. :Smile3:
Just out of curiousity where are you studying.
As for max programming, what do you need to know, apart from
reading the manuals and doing the tutorials?
Love n light
Im at demontford uni, lesta, i was just curious to know if anyone had used it, im getting my head round it but if you don't know hat all the boxes do then its pretty hard. Im using it on macs, as anyone used the pc version. I thinking of getting a cpoy so i don't have to go to the labs all the time?

i Know my way around Max/MSP, had no choice but to learn it at uni last simester (bathSpa by the way).
For anything psy related it has its uses but im a pure groover so im happy with Logic and my libiary of synths and plugins.
Basically it just takes too long to get a half decent sound out of it. I had to do a live performance in front of a room full of people using max so to do this all was used was a bunch of volume sliders and continuious loops programmed in Max.
If getting technical is your thing then sure, learn as much as you can an remember enjoy otherwise get the uni work out of the way to concentrate on what you feel comfortable with. I already work for a record label (i write NuSkoolBreaks) so finding the time and patience (which i can usually tollerate) is hard especially with uni to attend to
If u get stuck or need a bit of help im sure i can give u a few pointers mate!

Have fun!!
Have a look at a book called "Composing Interactive Music" by Todd Winkler, as a supplement to the tutorials. it's an old book that only covers the max - ie MIDI side of things, but adds another perspective to the basics.

I didn't get all that far with max, but talking to people that did, getting a MIDI fader bank hooked up to what you do in MSP and some hands on tweaking happening should make things a bit more interesting.

There is also the max mailing list - its somwhere on the C74 website how to join - usually they are pretty helpful to beginners.

Hope this helps