May06 mix


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Hi ppl :Smile3:

Trying to improve my mixing and was hoping some nice people would be kind enough to give this a listen and give me some feedback....obviously i've got my own thoughts on what could be improved (levels!)...but just hoping for outside comments :Smile3:

Thanks for advance

Tristan vs Dimitri - Le Cha de Ispace
Perplex & Friends - Orgasma
Psysex - Star Sex
Intergalactic - The Future
Sonica - Track 8
Poli - Altered Reality
X-Noize - Rock It
Altom - Niagra
Soul Surfer - Further n Beyond
GMS vs Silicon sound vs signs - DESTINI
Aquatica - Sky Dancing
Cyrus the Virus - Have a nice Day
Hypersonic - Need Some help
Wrecked Machines - Music in U