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Hello Guys and Girls.

This a blatant plug for a new project from a group of audiophiles from
a very established music community.
We go by the name [MDP] Musicdonkey Project. Our mission is to help new and upcoming DJ's and Musicians spread their work / mixes to the ears of thousands via filesharing programs. This innovative way of promoting your mixes saves you money on expensive hosting plans and the legalities involved with hosting mp3's on the world wide web.
Full instructions on this procedure are listed in our FAQ on the website.

MDP still in its Genesis has big plans for the future, we are currently
looking into running monthly mix competitions where a group of
democratically elected judges assess your submitted mixes, winners will
have there mixes "Poweshared" reviewed on the mainpage and will be
added to the Hotmixes section on the mainpage along with there profile
etc along side previous winners. We are also looking into the idea of
starting an online record label where posssibly the best mixes
submitted end up on real CD's.
Big plans indeed, but months of research and planning have lead us to
believe all this and more is totally achievable.
If you would like to know more or feel you have expertise that you
would like to contribute please pay us a visit at the address below.
This project is not a company it is a community, a co-operative, we
believe, the future.


Hope to see you there.