Me new dub piece...

Nice one, I like the organ sound! Well, well Shroomy! :smokingrasta:

Nice and squelchy, and an excellent furtive organ sound!

Oh, and very well controlled bass.

Be sure to keep us informed of any further developments, and keep it up!

Well thank you very much, mate :Smile3:

I saw you posted a new track as well... I'll check it out tomorrow and give you my opinion... :Wink3:
I liked it a lot you had some really nice sounds in that track. I don't really know a lot about dub but i would definitely put a more prominent kick in there to add more bounce. I suppose that might not be what you want but i think it would make the groove better. You might end up with a slightly less fat bass line a but i honestly believe that it would still be cool. :Smile3: