Meller - Rockable incl. rmxs by Vibrasphere, Etnoscope, Rinkadink... (Tribal Vision)


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Tribal Vision Records


Meller - Rockable

Cat. no.: TVRCD004
Format: CD / jewel case
Release date: October 2005
Cover Art: tba
Artist web:


1) Rockable
2) Fatboy
3) My Favourite Man
4) Phase Nacht
5) Aurora
6) Rockable (NASA remix)
7) Fatboy (Rinkadink remix)
8) My Favourite Man (Tegma remix)
9) Phase Nacht (Etnoscope remix)
10) Aurora (Vibrasphere remix)

With their second album "Rockable", Meller aka Marco Scherer and DJ Mel continue the way they started with their debut "Solar Drums" which exploded like a bomb in the worlwide trance scene. Rockable is suspenseful progressive psytrance music in a charming and strong-willed mixture: barefaced, original and self-ironic. There are remixes by the top acts such as Vibrasphere, Rinkadink, Tegma, NASA and Etnoscope included, which give a final touch to the album concept.

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God mintsmak
So it's a mini-album with some remixes tacked on. :irazz:


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The Tribal Vision website says September.
Meller website says October.
I’d say its November.


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hmmmm, bloody hippies takes them forever to get anything done! :irolleyes :irazz:


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Exactly, bloody hippies - "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by" :Smile3: No, actually it was really put to the printing plant in September, but this time the company really did the worst job they could do...actually it was one problem after another, i don´t want to bother with the details, anyway, after more than one month waiting, the CD is leaving Czech territory today and should be received by the distribution these days...sorry again for the delay, but I am sure you will like the result, the cover is really a special one and when I saw how this music works live on the summer fests, I have no doubt it will work during winter season as well :Wink3: