Melodic "Goa" Track of the Day


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
Intergalactic - Moira

off Natural Waves of Sound 2...

it's a dairylea sandwich, but the drop's fuckin massive :P:P:P

it does me nice things


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'acid vibes' :Grin:

Red five

jah mangled spanner
Goa is a region og india where the Hippies go to ave it over winter, have you not listened to oakenfold mix yet? *tut*

Melodic = Protoculture, oui.

Fluffy? melodic?

that track by private taste....first taste? can't find my cd cover.

just the best after a hard night with the sun coming up over the motorway on the way home from a party :sob:

DJ Brucie

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Chi AD - Exit Eternity, which I just finished my latest mix with. It is most cheesy and definitely psy-lite but that seems to be the way I play these days.

Z Horse

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astral projection- enlightened evolution :sun:
havn't heard that track for years.gonna have to go through all my old vinyl one of these days.


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Am I the only person who just loves 'Xoco' by Blue Planet Corporation?

Always in my top 10, never see anyone else mention it. Maybe no-one heard it, it was on a fairly obscure compilation in 98 I think.


God mintsmak
damion said:
Koxbox - Fuel On

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

It Rocks

Tinkly, cheeky, naughty, funny, what more could you want?

Oh yeah, nearly forgot:

"Hi there, we're the alien Gods!"



infected mushroom - noisemaker :runsmile:

the break just reminds me of one of my first times f**ked on 'cid :sun: :wizard1:
wah, euphoric!!! :speaker:

Chrissie Ferngrove

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Yes, I love that one too ...
"Play your music, play it so loud that nobody can sleep ... noisemaker!!"
:jump: :jump: :jump:



Time to prime..
I fookin luuurve the

"Trance African Express" - Orion



Full Lotus

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Zaven said:
I fookin luuurve the

"Trance African Express" - Orion



The one with the elephant noises on First Flight??? Thought it was credited to Sheyba. Classic tune though :Wink3:

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toi doi - particule ...