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Psychedelic Cowboy

Tip New World

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October 24, 2005

01. Evolver
02. Blows Your Mind
03. Crazy Rhythm
04. Desert Eagle
05. Dig Deep
06. If U Want 2
07. Hallucination
08. Evolution Number9
09. Psychedelic Cowboy
10. Jai Tek

This is a debut album from one of the scenes most original artists. A trip from 60s London to Hicksville US breaking the border by jumpin trains, riding out of it on Mescaline on a donkey in some backwater Mexican village and ending up on Mushrooms checking the pyramids in the jungles of Palenque? via a Trance party. An amazing audio jouney full of entertainment!

There are some fantastically original ideas that add a splash of humour and make the tracks stand out from the pack. The basslines, kicks and overall grooves are also different from the norm and while it may be a challenge to play in the peaktime hour at big parties alongside the current crop of big players from Israel, hitting play on this cd and getting into this new world of The Melovskys could prove much more rewarding! All aboard?


** Tip Start "New World" Record Label for those Cowboys the Melovskys....

Liquid Ross

Forum Member
ooooooooooooooowww ... this is pretty good !! very Different ... phat and twisted and some very stranged fusion of trance and .. well this and that :Smile3:
going in for my second listen today ... already looking foward to ripping a few of these up at the weekend ...
someone has provided these (or is it just one dude now ?!) guys/guy with a CD full of great English narrative of some sort (origin anyone??) ... such as with the vinly of Evolution #9 had a great few lines from Snatch and the odd 'F**k Off!' in the track ... this takes a little understanding of English culture and Geography to enjoy ..
more later i think ......

so far so good ..

good to see TIP give another branch and sub-label to less commercial psy trance with the launch of Tip New World ... hope some more crackers like this emerge ...