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Dear guys,

Just wanted to say a quick hello and give you a breif about myself.
I love techno/ trance and electronica have been to a few parties for the last year but am really getting into them now. Met a very cute boy at cloisters party on sunday afternoon but did not get his number.. so thought i might stalk him this way.
If anyone knows of Alex whom played a set at 4pm ish... tell him im looking for him

cheers all
Hiya ^_^ Welcome to the forum!
I'm new here too :P
Hey melski, :welcome: to the forum :cooljump:
Hey Melski, what a lovley name!
dont worry about that cute boy theres plenty more :Wink3:

are you from the northern lands?

Hey melski, lovely to have you on board :sun: :wizard1: :sun: :wizard1: