Metalogic - Metallic Influence (Boshke)


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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?

Magnetic Influence
Boshke Beats

From the above three lines of text – the techno-sounding artist name, the scifi album name, and the ever ard as nails Boshke label, you might think this was all about frenetic Delta-emulation, fast beats and iron filings and masonry-nails-through-the-scrotum. Hah, because you’re wrong. This is way more organic and measured than expected, and it shows that techno elements can be used to slowly manipulate the music rather than just make it something to headbang to. Ultraviolet Shock gets things kicked off with hooks and subtle techno topend loops over a smooth bottomend. It’s a tune whose impact could easily be lost if it was more caustic and jumpy, as must be the temptation… this is one of the main themes of the album. Turn On is a wonderfully nonchalant piece of groove-putty, that makes no fuss about slinking along like a Hawtin of the night, with plenty of funk and some crazy interference washing around in the background. It works like a charm. The title track Magnetic Influence has a wonderful groove to it, starting to get heavier and thunkier, and starting to sound like what you’d expect to come out on Boshke! And this is a dream, it escalates beautifully, it manages to increase the tech-temperature without going through the roof, and the intricacy of sounds and shifts happening all around you is nothing short of dazzling. Time Catcher coasts along very nicely, at its peak it sounds like a slomo Wizzy Noise circa Cyclotron, but with more funk and much more space between the sounds. I could kiss (not really) Metalogic for keeping the BPMs down on this one, it certainly makes for a measured approach and suggests a lot more maturity to this music than you might be expecting. Secretskipper sounds bloody clever to me, a mesh of about four different rhythms and grooves all over each other – the beats don’t fit the midrange lines, the backing doesn’t fit anything else, and there’s a mysterious groove in the middle of it all that… fark, it just works basically. Incredibly well. It peaks into a gorgeous crescendo of noise, bloody bloody bloody amazing. Broadband has a bottomend that’s dirtier than Christina Aguilera doing a snowball with her identical twin sister, and Photon Flux starts to see things really boiling over the edge of the casserole dish, with filters and swoops and some oldskool tinges all flying into the mix to make a really psychedelic piece of ripping technoclatter. Expander has a strange groove, kinda like progressive-trance-having-an-episode, and the glitched-up breaks of Irrational Impulse work well, with quiet lyrics through a dozen vocoders making a nice touch. Irrational Impulse is the last track on the album ‘proper’, and it’s a very nice, meandering piece of breaky chill with immense cinematic sounds morphing around behind prominent and well-produced drums. There’s a couple of bonus tracks thrown in for good measure: Decadance is more in the vein you would expect from both Metalogic and Boshke with metallic noises from all angles, stopstarts in the groove, and a pure techno hook that sucks you into its vortex. KO meanwhile takes a great techno groove and morphs it around very nicely indeed… loving the chord changes, and the way it adds sounds and filters as it progresses makes this one a right little nugget, a good find. Magnetic Influence is an impressive album, and the quality and quantity of the music makes it a very attractive prospect indeed.



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Sauntering about...
I am currently listening to Chapter 2 from Boshke Beats and am loving it!
Metalogic track certainly does it for me and the label really try to push that envelope so yeap am basically sold!



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Top cd this, recently bought it after liking some of his tracks on Boshke and H&H comps. Some of it's very cleverly arranged and all in all a good album. Most definitely one for lovers of the Boshke tekky sound (me hehe), just suprised this hasn't had more replies. Best tracks: 4, 6, 13