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"Light appears as the fundamental principle of relatedness. We define light as part of the wave form the universe in which we exist. The cosmic wave from space is the smaller wave and the long flat wave from our brain is the larger one. In between are multitudes of waves that intermix and define x-ray heat, color, sound, electricity & ultraviolet (among many others). The mixture is the matrix of Metatron. "

Metatron Production, a fresh label from Israel, Eilat, was created in 2005 by Aran Oren (aka Fatal Error). The start of his way of the psychedelic road was back there in the early 90's. With the roots of the music, Metatron Production got a new wave of psy music, from dark music to full on music, it stands in the middle of both of the worlds.

"Like the freedom fighters they make the music from the soul to break free people and let them dance for the life and kick the floor that earth gave us. They are here to protect the light and dark tunes, they're coming at night when no one expects." :ph34r: GeKo 2005



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