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Metatron Production, a fresh label from Israel, Eilat, was created in 2005 by Aran Oren aka Fatal Error ( thats me :? ) with lots of help from my friends and from the artists in the label . The start of my psychedelic road was back there in the early 90's. With the roots of the music, i start play music when i was 16 years old before 14 years ago ( do the mate )
i play electronic music like coil , wiseblood ,psychic tv ,foetus and many more psy and dark music till the trance got me in 94 big time :shrooms:

the label got a new wave of psy music, from dark music to full on music, it stands in the middle of both of the worlds. we like any tune with soul in it !

more info abut our music and artists you will find soon on our website

see you all soon :Smile3: