Mexican acts and dj up for bookings this summer!


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Hello all...

a bit late maybe, but I've got some Mexican live acts and a dj who are up for bookings this summer in Europe

live acts:

BARAK (Hadra recs - PsyTropic recs - Sounds of Earth - Mexico)
TEEN SLUTS (Sound of Earth - Mexico)


SHOVE (Alchemy recs - Sounds of Earth - Mexico)

Now these guys are playing for us in Belgium the first week-end of July and they'll be around the whole summer. Prices are really nice because they would only need transportation from Belgium, which comes very cheap to UK.

Barak is also already playing at the Hadra festival in the south of France on July 1st and possibly also in Portugal and Italy.
If you would like any more info, then you can also always contact me by e-mail and I can send you some biographies or anything you would want to know.
And of course if you have a party planned and would like to add these guys to the line-up then you can also always get in touch with me at this e-mail :

take care!!