midi keyboard problems...


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ive recently purchased a edirol midi / usb keyboard but cant get the damn thing to work within reason.....im using the usb connection at the mo as havent got a midi soundcard as of yet (the usb should work tho..?)

i have installed all the drivers correctly and just need a bit of help getting reason to recognise it....is is possible that i will have to go through and assign all the controllers within reason? if so, im confused as to how to do this, ive never used midi interfaces before, been stuck with a goddamn mouse for 3 years now and i wanna play!!!!! :mad:

gonna check it out to see if it is working within logic tonight, knowing my luck, it wont. hehe!!

would b very grateful for any suggestions and ideas on getting this to work! :Smile3:
this is probably obvious but you need to set the MIDI and Advanced MIDI prefs in reason...
Yeah it will work without a MIDI soundcard.

Did it work in Logic?

Is it sending MIDI to your computer? Get a program to monitor MIDI messages on your comp for mac I use MIDI Monitor and on the PC some other program I don't remember the name of. These will at least let you know if the keyboard is sending messages at all, if not the keyboard may be a lemon.

If it is working in Logic, then check the midi settings in Reason, like AC just said.

Once it is hooked up properly, right click on a dial in Reason and then the learn menu item, twist a knob on your keyboard and see if it takes over.

Here is a screen shot of my settings.
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thankyou loads, i didnt think i needed a midi soundcard.... im gonna go home a give that a go.....
tried logic, no joy, tried the midi settings, but i am kinda stabbing in the dark there...i'll get chris h over, i know he can help out with that one....will def b able to get it going in reason now :jump: was on that trail, just got a little confused/unsure with it, can set it up on the mac and p.c now, fantastic!!!! wahey, no more fecking mouse!!!! :sun: :speaker:

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As far as I remember, once you've got the USB keyboard in, Logic will have it as part of the environment for every new project you create. I think you need to add it to the environment on projects you've already started though...

I´m having almost the same bloody problem...

Does anyone knows how to configure Cubase SX to work with an external midi controller??? I tried to set this up but it does not work - at least the driver was installed correctly and my Mac OS X recognise the controller...but Cubase does not...

Please help... :?
I have a midi keyboard and the way it works for me in logic is that I first select the track I want to play with the keyboard and it sends all the MIDI data just to that track. I had to configure all the knobs to the cc's I needed manually though.

So, in case that made no sense: you just plug in the keyboard, select the track with the vsti you want to play and you're done. I didn't actually have to do any configuring within logic.
me neither... As long as the O.S recognises the midi interface (through OMS or wotever) the rest is history... For Mac that is.

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