Mind Controllers Part 2


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TALAMASCA Overload !
The next talamasca album will be really different of the last one, which was a collaboration album, and this track is the first sample taken from this next album expected around September 2005. This track will for sure be a “dancefloor hit†in all the psy parties around the planet !

NOMAD Tribute with no name
This track will surprise a lot all the people who still have in mind the latest released tracks by Nomad… He is now working on his next album, still full-on but including now some more groovy feelings and some nice and warm atmospheres. This track is a kind of tribute to one of the project who inspired all of us…as its title says.

DIZZY MIND vs. NAZUK Psychosis
This track is a dancefloor massive and will blast a lot of parties all over… Dizzy Mind (Pedro, 18 years old) and Nazuk (Barbara , 22 years old) are brother and sister, and come from Brazil (in Brazilia), one of the countries who began late to listen psytrance, but who is now one of the leaders of the international scene. So it is naturally that new projects are coming from there….and we found the best one !!!

SHAGMA Pianobar
Shagma is a new French name that we bet on ! Those two guys are making music for now three years , but had waited for their production to be professional enough before to send it … and we are very proud and happy that we received it first ! Pianobar is the first release of this band , who work now on his first album to be released of course on Mind Control and expected before the summer… Remember this name : Shagma !

220 V Damage procedure
Brasil is also one of the new countries arriving in the international scene...parties there are quite big and they have a lot of festivals where all the big international live acts are coming to play. And they are not late at all with the music…220 V is a collaboration between two young Brasilian guys, who have listened trance for years and had decided to make music…which was actually the best choice they could make when you listen to this track !!

POLARIMASCA Fantastic Plausibility
Being familiar now with French collaboration, Mind Control presents here another one : Talamasca and Polaris together . Polaris released his album last year and is one of the French artist who is playing a lot and who contribute in the “French touch†reputation . His beautiful atmospheres are combined here with the well known full-on Talamasca basslines, and the end of this track is the perfect morning rocking style that any party dancer will love to ear on huge sound systems !

Enterprise is without any doubt the revelation of the first compilation ! This Russian man, aged of only 22 years old, is making one of the best music we had received in the year… The clarity of his sounds is amazing , and the production can easily compete with the biggest names ! NLO is a very beautiful track , with of course this blasting end that we love to jump on ! Alexander is also working on his first album , that we also expect to release before the summer, which is the perfect time to play in outdoor parties the Enterprise production.

We close this compilation with a new Swiss band, also new, but also experimented… Philip and Andreas are also making music for years…but they recently felt in love with the new way that the psytrance was taking, less minimal, more beautiful. So this is with this beautiful track full of good vibes that we will close the second part of the mind controllers compilation.

We received a lot of music from Israel, and it was quite hard to decide between us which one to select from all of them... But as Israel is a mix of cultures, israeli music is a mix of styles, and we finally decided that Nadav (Electro Sun) and Kfir (Phanatic, ex Bizarre Contact) have made here a track which was diferent from the rest, and was not falling in the "cliché" that you could expect.

One too check out when it arrives!!

Samples available @ http://www.mindcontrolrecords.com/