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Compilation: MINDSHARE
Label: Mistress of Evil
Web: www.mistressofevil.com/
CAT: MOE66603
SE: http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/239/2/


01 - The Fractal Saddhus - Pigletts Go Whuooomp
02 - Ocelot - Badabum
03 - Quasar - Wake Up Yer Ass
04 - Alien Mental - Itchin N'Glitchin
05 - Darkbabba - Nonlinear Mallard Syndrome
06 - MWS - Stinger
07 - Xylamanda - [Not] Krazy
08 - Ghreg On Earth - aNgeLIKsHdwLnD

What's This About

Mindshare in the contextual meaning implies pooling thoughts and states of mind for a given purpose. Likewise, it is also the name given to a number of events that occur[ed ?] in the northern California region organized by the Mistress of Evil crew, alongside the artists presented here. As it can be expected there is a fair share of straightforward darkness, a lot of fractalized stories and a music video directed by my tocayo Egnagora from Shaman Films.

Per Track

The ride opens with the Fractal Saddhus, an ensemble of Alien Mental, Dylalien and Quasar. The piglets are as twisted as it could be fathomed, only to twist it a little bit more. In this realm 2 plus 2 does not equal 4, it equals… whatever you want it to equal. With this approach, the only thing that resonates with me is the line stretching in and twitching for the theme. A third eye is required here.

Ocelot invites you to kick your shoes in a “Badabum” of discordant riffs, morphing and pitching for the entire duration of the track. It slows down a bit in patches but it does not stop. As usual if you need to get a rush before tearing things apart, Aaron’s the man for the job.

“So, thanks for inviting me to your little alcoholic drug den here tonight, you fine upstanding citizens you ‘wink, wink’… ‘nudge, nudge’ now…” Quasar gets his groove back doing what he does best, fucked up music for messed up people. Very innovative rhythmic collection, on top of distraught synth’s dancing around the beat for our fellow aliens in the 9th moon of Saturn.

is Mubali, Xylamanda, and Dylaien in a remix by the Xyla girls once again. The “Nonlinear Mallard Syndrome” feels like it has been processed, reprocessed, altered, inverted, passed through more filters and then remixed again. The beat goes totally metallic-mechanic and then wobbly, only to end up with… Donald Duck getting seriously pissed off.

Alien Mental
does a 180 in “Inchin’ n glithin’’” from his latest appearance on Manic Dragon Records earlier this year with “Take a Break”. Reminds a lot of the Noise Poison sound (Highko & Cosmo) with a fast beats and glitchy stuff edging out by every pore. Technically is another side of the production style for Lalith and that’s always nifty.

the Austrian duo of DJ’s make another appearance. “Stinger” on itself stands well, but the resemblance with “Hexenhammer” might be too much to let it pass. And on that note I liked that one a little more.

Amanda & Miranda, as the Xylamanda girls scream from the top of their lungs they are “[Not] Crazy”, using a heart aching kick with a potpourri of dark situational effects. Trippy, fast and juicy this is all fine and dandy without the aid of overt musical resources. When you hear that rusty riff again, head-bang for me baby one more time. The video included in the CD aids the purpose immensely, shining a beacon over all those little effects in a visual climax. The bottom line, you might need to bring Egnagora back for the next round.

“aNgeLiKsHdwLnD” is Ghreg on Earth at the top of his game. His take on industrial metal using psychedelic electronics, is where dark is at right now. Without playing favorites, this guy feels to my ears on a different league altogether here. It’s noisy, involving, dark, restrained and somehow so fucking purposeful you just don’t see it coming. Much like those droning voices piercing tiny holes of light, in a vast post-mad-max wasteland where only his mind resides. Fear teh Ghreg.

All in All

This my first dip in a MoE compilation and so far so good. It is highly representative of what the West Coast is doing in the States, and things are looking good from where I’m standing. To my ears, there is a different sound evolving from the global dark sphere. Some sounds are more developed than others, and some might resonate differently for other people. A little direction in certain chapters would have been nice, without overlooking the fact Mindshare gets the message across.

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