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right have a dozen or so (original) cds i don't want....maybe you do? am happy to swap em for something else or sell em on for cheapish price (£6ish).....

(all cds are in mint - MINT - condition. they go from the case to the cd player and back again i can't stand it when people leave cds out of their case - pisses me right off </rant> :Wink3:

v/a - Psychedelic Picnic (Mushroom Mafia 1) - some deep, rough beats from sa's finest

Rastaliens - Xplore The Wild Side (Boom) - big rig full on from Boom

v/a - Alien Safari (Afrogalatic Records 1) - really quite nasty tunes from sa

v/a - Spirit Zone Singles - sz's back cat 12s including space tribe acid test

SOLD v/a - Emergency Exit - Hadshot (hads21) - minimal techy

SOLD v/a - Psychedelic Tunes of Tatsu - diesal trance

SOLD Amalgamated Amalgamation(?) - israeli this n that

ADDED: v/a Origins (Turbo Trance) - french power trance - Neuromotor, GMS etc

7 Eleven - mixed by Xerox (Phonokol?)

Etnica - Chrome (Western Edition) (Etnica Net)

v/a - Spunout (Spun recs.) - GMS&Hallucinogen / Dado / Soundaholix etc

(updated - that's all for now folks!)

AND - another one - Toi Doi - Sustenator (EWatt)
hey im interested in a few of these :Grin:

whats v/a - Psychedelic Tunes of Tatsu - diesal trance like????

and v/a - Emergency Exit - Hadshot (hads21) - minimal techy

any proggy ones for sale ??????

rob :Grin:
hey rob - these two are both pretty proggy - the hadshot is really heavy and sort of rolling techno-y type progressive and the tatsu tunes are more sort of deep throbbing psy - they have a crunch and a definite wiggle to them. you can hear samples here:

Psychedelic Tunes of Tatsu

Emergency Exit