mint pair of 1200's for sale


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anyone wanna buy my decks? i'm skint and i wanna go on an adventure.

not sure how much their worth, any ideas? 2 mint condition technics 1200's boxed as new, 2 nice needles. citronics 2ch 6input mixer. plus technics amp if anyone wants the lot.

I would hate to see them go to some speed garage bargain ad scouring geezer, so i thought i'd give you lot first refusal :Smile3:

i just wrote a far more detailed post but my computer threw a wobbly and lost it :Sad:

if your interested mail me on
hello everyone..

there has gotta be some one outthere who can bring daves adventure into reality..

role up role up..

i will start the bidding at...


that is my dinner money - but i will go hungry for you dave

any other offers....
Okay then £2.

Haha only jokin'...I recently sold my 1210s for £500 (just the decks). Theres always people looking for 'em, and often they'll pay more than that. If all else fails, if you put them on ebay they WILL sell for 500+.

yeah - if they are mint condition then go for 500 + mate ...... that should get you on your way !!!

I would buy em if I had the cash ...... :no:

Technics 1200's usually sell like hot cakes ........