Miraculix - The Arrival


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What do people think?
Is it as good as "Detenator"?
ive got it, havent had much time to play it cus ive been feeling the sunshine latley and all im playing at the mo is stuff to complement the :sun: , it keeps me happy. However this is full power psy trance! Each track has a similarity keeping a nice space age feel and all tracks are pure dancefloor .

The reason i got this is because it seemed diffrent to anything around at the time (about 2 weeks ago), i hear the neo-israli trance repeating itself over and over and i am kinda tyred of it now. The Arrival is a good dark twisted ride with nice new ideas. And vocal snippets about alien and ufo related stuff is cool, its now common to hear Acid/LSD ripped samples that now have become almost boring.(to me it has anyway)

Im no good at full on track by track review as im sure somone will cater for that real soon! :
But definatly one thats gunna be played a lot by me in the coming months!

But my fav tracks are 1,3,4,5,7,8.....now 6 outta 9 is not bad and the other 3 are still worthy of a listen by all means!
Must say i do like this release its a nice mix of old and new in some tracks theres a heavy goa sound influence.Most tracks on it are good imo apart from one or two that remind me of dino psaras.