Mish-mash of musicians!


a psychedelic flower
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This is not at all "psy-trance-y", but i thought i'd put a description of the music i'm currently making, as we are keen to get involved in new projects....

I play acoustic guitar, Scientific Star (already listed in this section as a singer) sings beautifully, my brother (What is life?!) raps, Planet Frog (now banned) plays guitar/piano/djembe (not at the same time obviously) and Spinney Lainey has played flute with us. (See her psy-pix : photo of "Solace" listed under glade pictures: me, Lainey and Frog playing in the open mic tent at 2005 Glade)

We have various original songs, with various combinations of people listed above.

We currently play at various open mic nights, and some of us plan to get an entire set together for gigs.

P.S. any DJ's or musicians who need vocal parts for tunes....I highly recommend Scientific Star, her voice is simply pure and stunning.