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Hi folx,
here is another piece of mine. This is the second track I ever made. (The first has not been finished yet. :Grin: ) It is downbeat again. Anyway, let me know what you think 'bout Miss Multipass.

As you will notice I have been "founded" a new band on soundclick.com.
(T)Raumstation will become a downbeat act only and In Vain will promote progressive tracks.

the beats are great, they remind me a lot of the film, which is cool! i like the nice warm pad sounds, it's slightly reminiscent of underworld at times.

the 'staggered' feel of the main rhythm section is cool, and the samples fit nicely; if anything maybe they could have a touch more reverb or slight delay so that when they stop it's not quite so abrupt?

i like the piano, it brought a smile to me face :Smile3: this track made me skin up instantly, which is a very good thing!

i've used some of the same samples ('you no worry... me protect you') in a proggy kind of track, i'll have to send you a link!

the break at 4:00 is cool, and the way it kicks back in is really good.. it actually reminds me a little bit of the cocteau twins as well. i like it more & more the more i hear it...
Beats are very nice, great sounding pads. I think a few elements clash though frequency-wise meaning that they aren't so clear as they might be. For example the voice is a bit lost in the pads. Unless that's how you want it you could change this with more compression/less reverb on the vocals and more reverb/stereo widening on the pads when the vocal comes in, or whatever works. Only slight tweaks really to your mix. Similarly the beats maybe need some eq-ing to make them clearer thru the pads. When I've heard similar tracks somehow one gets a feeling of depth to the pads and the beats are clear and sit out front.

Have a listen to 'The Storm of Progress' by hipnotic at:


Of course it's a slightly different genre (ambient dnb) but the same principles still apply.

Not easy but clearly your production level is very high for your second track. Good work.

p.s. don't bother listening to my tracks on the same page, as they are not great, although you may dig the one I did for the DOA comp at the moment which is ambient and newer.
Thnx for the comments.

seuss, I let the beats stop so abrupt coz this will accent the "Hm?" of Leeloo. I have tried a lot but I will have a look at your advice.

saxopholus, This is the old problem of mine. I do not own monitors and I think I don't hear the same as you even when we listen to the same song. But I will play a bit with the eq on the beats. Maybe I will make a lucky shot :Smile3:

But all in all many thanks for the very positive response. I like this track too.
Cya, Tom
lil' tweakin' here, a bit screwing there... Here is an update of the track.
I've added a short delay to the beats and played a bit with the eq. On my speakers it sounds a bit brighter than before... and the beats doesn't stop so abrupt :Wink3: @seuss
Thanx for the recommendation.

I'm very glad to have this opportunity to get serious feedback right here in this forum.
Thnx again.