Mista Pista goes full-tilt with "Velas ao Vento"


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Velas ao Vento roughly equates to the English expression "3 sheets to the wind" in reference to sailing vessels of yore operating at full-tilt.

Our story begins as Mista Pista tries to corral his crew of belligerent supposed-sailors onboard the grand tri-sailed caravela known as Ergot Sum. One of our would-be-crew has mixed himself up in a sordid affair on the docks, and owes some money. Mista Pista and his merry band of buccaneers manage to extricate their compatriot, nevertheless.

It is time to lift the anchor, anchors aweigh! We pull away from the harbor and raise the main sail, gaining velocity rapidly.

We are clear of land and the wind is at our backs, time to raise the spinnaker sail! POOF, we are flying across the waves, nearly dancing.
It is said that many mysterious creatures roam the deep. We may just meet one on our voyage...


released December 1, 2023

Mista Pista is a project from the veteran artist Aaron Peacock aka Ocelot and vectorSelector that will revolutionize the electronic scene as we know it. He is the founder of a whole new genre stealing heavily from techno, breaks, bass music and even gabber. It is called: NU-SKOOL-SWING