Miszt - Celestial - Trance Mix


Bak to the Euphoria and Hard trance hehe :ibiggrin: this is much more me :wub:

if you've never heard Euphorik trance, or just been told its cheezy crap, give it a try :Wink3: not a single barbie-doll-pop-trance trak in site! pure euhporia and spine-tingling break downs, just how it shuld b!! The mix is a bit faster than euphorik trance is normally btw.

Celestial - Brisky
Reverence - Hemstock Jennings Vs Adam White
Madagascer - Art of Trance (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Inner Trance - Anthony Dean
Shimmer - Ian Betts pres Ayana
Energizer - James Lawson
Dreamland - NuNRG
Square One - Pulser
Nairobi - Realm F Vs Rankey
Summer Dream - Kuffdam Plant
PSS 21 - Olly Perris

Goto the Download Section of http://misztifiedmind.net (you dont have to sign up to download) I dont have a direct link atm


website looks nice miszt :Grin:

just listened to (bits of) this mix, tis not for me! admittidly i used to bang out that ferry corston track when i was at uni a few years ago, but its just not my thing these days... i quite like the big synth riffs but its always a bit too cheesy melody-wise for my liking. its all a bit similar too.. definitely more variation in psy...

good mixes though, the drum n bass one was cool, think i've got at least half the tunes in that mix :Grin: listening to the psy mix at the mo, some nice tunes in there too...

Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
Not really my thing either - Happiness overload!! :irofl:

Do you do darker mixes as well? :trippn:


Zen Cat said:
Not really my thing either - Happiness overload!! :irofl:

Do you do darker mixes as well? :trippn:

Happiness overload? :irofl: yeah I do, I play hard-trance, n am workin on sum hardtrance-psy hybrid, hard n fast, but still melodik...but euphoria is my thing :wub:


Thanks mate! *Lovely* stuff.
I cannot suggest strongly enough that you get yourself along to Planet Angel. The Meltdown Room is right up your street and the vibe is unlike any other euphoric trance party (plus there's a funky room and chillout rooms too). It's all word-of-mouth you see :Wink3: If you go along and enjoy it, submit a demo and you may get a set :Smile3: It's moved to Hidden (old Studio 33) and there's more going on there than you can get through in one night.
pm me if you're interested!