mixing down, 96 khz 24 bit to 44.1 16 bit


mmmm, pretty new to higher sampling rates etc, but i have a few problems and i will try to explain. When i bounce down a 96 mix to 44.1 the audio is constantly being tuned down and up. Like someone is just playing with the volume setting. Im using dither and a bit converter thing in waves ultramaximiser

* ambiant bird samples recorded at 24 bit 96 hz

* various effects and eq in cubase

* dither is on in one of the waves eqs i have used.

* so is a bit transformer in the waves ultra maximiser (altough the maximiser itself is not used)

Any ideas to why the volume would be altered in the bounce down stage?



Have just checked that without any vsts the audio is still affected, the volume goes up and down,#

im all lost


whirling mathematician
cant think of any rational explanation for that.

the only thing that occurs to me is that the ultramaximiser isnt just dithering, its a look ahead peak limiter. if you set that to some crazy extreme settings (like really low threshold and a slow attack/release) then you might conceivably get bizarre pumping volume?

oh. hmm... you already said its switched off.

really really weird !


no automation nothing, no vsts at all, its the bouncing perriod that does something wierd to it.

1st time i have bounced from 96 to 44.1 so its a bit of a learning curve but, i wasn't expecting this though!


good point,

At the mo, my computers up in the air, it keeps crashing after i close cubase, half my plg ins won't load cos 'the direct x mapper' hasn't been found.


yeah they are the *ahem* registered vsts so i can't really complain about them going wrong,

although it is a known problem with the real versions, tried to sort it but it still don't work.

its right bastern timing though, just knackered my foot and can't even walk to the toilet properly, took the day of work and all i have been doing is hitting my head against my pc! now thats started to hurt as well!

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