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Melbourne, Australia

Okay, this ones from Byron Bay (Oz) act Mk-Ultra - someone I hadn't heard of until I got this cd from the guys at Tempest Recordings(thanks).

The album celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin, who it is dedicated to.

Good, quality hard psychedelic trance.

Track one is Bunter' - hard with choirs and some different high hats.
'Chunka' is a real ripper - very hard, progressive(in a good way) psychedelia.
The third, 'E-babe' is my favourite from the album - lots of space samples and a throbbing bassline which just keeps you pumping those arms.
Fourth is a nice mid tempo psy tune with lots of hhats, 'Jayagi'.
'Killermoog' lives up to its name - hard and winding psy doof which gets harder and faster as the tune kicks in.
'Silicone Bubbas' is a rocking guitar trance track(and a damn nice one at that).
'Tetra' is an okay medium/hard paced track - probably my least favourite on the album.
'Squirt' is a nice banging track to finish with - leads right back into song number one

Overall - a great cd from an artist I didn't even know about 6 months ago. I'd place the style somewhere near Fractal Glider's latest(that's damn high praise in case you were wondering). If you like hard and rough doof - you will probably like this one.

I give it 4 big cheesy grins and one grinning idiot out of 5
:Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :lol1:

This one's available online at
yes this is a wicked cd, kinda reminds me being in a squat party with the chunky goa sounds waving in and out of the brain....woohaa..

this cd progresses in a very psychedelic and twisted way, if u like it hard and twisted then this is for u :Grin:

3/5 :Grin:
can this be bought on Psy Store? Couldn't see an option for UK delivery :wacko: Have checked Chaos & Psy-shop but they don't have it :no: Any suggestions where i may be able to purchase a copy?