Mo Mowlam 1949-2005

Yet another sad day. I did wonder when I heard that she'd be transferred from hospital to a hospice.

Who now can replace Robin Cook and Mo Mowlem?





Flinging Fab at you!

Only the good die young in this Labour government.................:Sad:


headancer of mothership
very sad indeed



The Psyientist :)
Mo Molam was a wondeful politician and woman, my dad is a financial advisor and worked for mo for a short time, she came for dinner one day way way back when she still smoked, even cheekily gave me a fag in the garden, silk cut though *at 14 its STILL a cigarette!*

She will be dearly missed, intelligent, fair and stood up for what she belived in. Hopefully the future may take a lead from her and robins examples.

Moonie. xxxx