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I'm currently considering buying a GOOD pair of studio reference monitoring headphones for late night sessions..

The ones I have in mind are Beyerdynamic DT990.

Does anyone have them and if yes, what are your thoughts on them?

Otherwise, any ideas anyone?

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IMHO you can't mix on headphones - they make everything sit right up against your ear, overemphasize reverbs and stereo - but you can write on them like I do. Any decent pair of hi-fi headphones will do.

Try loads and see what is most comfortable and sounds good to you. I had some sennheisers UNTIL SOME SCUMBAG FU*KING NICKED 'EM and I can recommend them. I'll be getting a new pair soon.
I've got the AudioTechnica M40s. They're good, but I NEVER bother trying to mix with them. Best to use them to check how the bass is sounding if you've got small monitors and things like that.
I have a pair of Senny HD25-SPs

I really like(d) them.... though I think they're a bit fucked now after three or four years of heavy use in the studio, djing and touring.

As AlternateContinuum said, mixing in phones is not really advisable anyway, so imho getting "reference" headphones is of debatable importance, per se. Just get any quality pair of phones which sound good to you - it doesnt really matter how your monitoring distorts reality so long as you know how, and thats easy - just listen to tons of music you know very well through it.
I got a pair of HD25SPs as well which I never use to mixdown tunes.
DT150 are also good, a bit more bass than the HD's and better isolation from outside noises. Great if you wanna record vox with as less "spilling" of the feedback mix for the vocalist as possible.
Use headphones to mix if you only have to and wanna have a second "view" of how much you've panned stuff.

Peace out.
Well, i mix all my stuff on headphones which could explain a lot!

It depends how much you are prepared to pay.

I'm mixing on a hundred pound pair of (gasp) 'ministry of sound' headphones, but before you scream, it's a generic design with ministry branding, and are actually quite good. I think. Don't get sucked into buying the bassyist ones you can find. Get ones that have as flat a frequency response as possible,(all the really nice ones will show you this one a graph) and most importantly,

get ones that are comfortable!

I hear that Sony proffessional(sp?) do some very nice ones. 'bout hundred and thirty smackers though.

Byerdynamic have a very good reputation though. Also, you MUST try before you buy.

Good Luck
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interesting, I had the HD-200's (the white egg-type ones) till at a party some1 nicked them too, was very happy with them. Now I have the Sony MDRV700DJ, which are awesome, and coumphy (sp?) as hell. Only problem I have with them is that they're real heavy, so you can't really bop too the music too much or they'll be on the floor. At most places they're priced at £99 but shop around and haggle and you should be able to get a few more quid off.
Some mates have the Pioneer Pioneer HDJ-1000, quality same as the Sony's but not as heavy. d-_-b