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I'm touching myself as I write this post.
1) Oryx - Naptune: Feels like a getting a beatdown from a gang of skinheads. Robot Skinheads. Or being dragged up a ladder by a fireman. A robot fireman.

2) System Nipel - Russian Gangstars: Beardstrokers beware. This is full-on, and on Trancelucent. I want to eat that bassline though. With whipped cream. And a wafer.

3) X-Dream - Create Your Own Happiness: Just found it's way back into my collection after being lost. I feel like my cat has just turned up home after 2 weeks locked in a neighbours coal shed, looking skinny but it's the same cat and I love it still.

4) Silent Horror - Hayblaah Rmx: It might be telling you you're gonna die but it is nearly halloween. The last few minutes sound like Dario Argento and Goblin on a Stella and Speed binge. Dirty speed. Stuff that is half bicarbonate of soda and would make a seagull explode.

5) Voice of Cod - Misinfotainment: How do you just pick one track from that album? Easy, this is the track I'm listening to now so it wins. And the name is clever. Like me.

6) X-Dream - Create Your Own Happiness (again): Had to include it twice it's that good. No debates. If you feel like discussing the merits of this vs Panic in Paradise or The Frog or Radio then I suggest a Wilkinson Sword Quattro and Gillette Gel for the girls and a box of Swan Vesta for the boys. Stick that in your trance pocket.

7) Transform - Transformation: 13 years on and people are still asking me what it is every time I play it. And I play it a lot. Proper bostin tune that deserved to be bigger than Age of Love. Now get a haircut or it's military school for you.


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Up above the streets and houses
Tracks 3 & 6 = absolute stunners! No arguments whatsoever there, just play it more and louder till they all get the message.


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Sauntering about...
He he! :Smile3: