Mood deluxe - when cann we get the album?


Singin' in the rain
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I heard mood deluxe at glade and it ripped- best set i saw all weekend by far and i was told the album would be out round the end of the year but nothing more..... anyone got any ideas??
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thanks dont know how inspiring your words are to me!!!!
heres the skinny....
after much umming and errring regarding my two current projects Nagual Sound and Mood Deluxe and which to release first, we have decided to put out the NSE cd in december and aim for summer 2006 for the full length Mood Deluxe....the main reason being that the NSE cd has been waiting to go for quite a while, and its finished , mastered and wanting to be done with!! .....summer 2006 for MD will also give me some time to incorporate some new energy into the cd....its def gonna have lots of psybreaks but i am also cooking up some hard funky trancers to put on there....

and on that note started another project with another producer out here, hard, dark squelchy nightime psy....dont have a name yet but its gonna rock!!

give Robin another shout about the tracks for brreaks fm dude,as far as i know she was on it but she is a busy lady so just keep at her...

nice one guys....