Mordechai Vanunu Re-arrested

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I try not to, I really do, but there are times when I really hate the Israeli authorities. This guy is possibly one of the bravest I've heard of, having warned the world about Israel's nuclear arsenal.

The Israeli former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu, released in April after 18 years in jail, has been re-arrested, police say.


You didn't think that the terrorists occupying Palestine would allow Vanunu to be free for long, did you? I'm surprised they haven't bumped him off, sorry I mean he hasn't had an accident or died of some terrible, incurable disease.

And BTW what use was it warning the world about their nuclear capability? Did he think that anyone could do anything about it?
He did kind of blow the whole lid on their nuke program, causing international outrage of sufficient proportions to seriously hamper their original plans. It was hardly a pointless act he performed.

Lets not forget the South African input to the Israeli Nuke programme either.

I recall in the late eighties reports that a US geo-survey satellite caught what appeared to be the flash of an atmospheric test of a weapon in the south Atlantic that was always thought to be a joint SA/Israeli test.
Ok. So this kind of spoiled my evening. Fuck.

Sometimes it's just hard to understand this world... I feel so sad. How brave people who fight oppression get punished for their high morals and strength. It's so WRONG!
And myself having served 6 months in prison for refusing to go into the army, I can even somehow feel how this kind of people must feel. When their freedom is taken away because of the things, GOOD things, they believe for.