Pixie Stardust

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Hey! :Grin:
Have been badgered into posting by psy acid Im eventually getting round to it! :?
From Wales, live near afore mentioned fairy so cannot escape the fluffiness!!!I blame her entirely for my personal amount of fluffiness!!! :P
Anyways, she is sat next to me looking very colourful :tongue1:


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Hi pixie,
Yey! I win :Grin: After months of nagging and annoying her, I cornered her and forced her to get on here.....Josh, if ur reading this: see, I always win :P

Spose Id better say :welcome: and all....


:welcome: :wizard1: :welcome:
if you are even remotely as sparkly as Estelle you are... errm very sparkly hehe..
duh to me.. im just useless with welcomes....

anyhows, welcome to here, this crazy place!

Jon Kenobi

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oh no not more bloody pixies...just kidding :Wink3: :welcome: to the forum, psy acid fairy done a good job in gettin you on here, just dont be a stranger

Pixie Stardust

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:o Im insulted at Jon Kenobis comment about having no more can never have too many pixies!! We rock!! :speaker:
*hugs!* :P


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HELLO! :Grin: Seen as how estelle is one of my favourite people in all the world, I shall no doubt be saying hello to you in person in the very near future :Wink3: Until then, :welcome: and ROCK ON PIXIE DUDE!!! :punk:


:welcome: Plenty of pixies! Just what we want!!


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Hiya Pixie Stardust... Paf's nuts... don't believe a word, were not that bad

She's my lil sis :wub:

:welcome: to the fold, let us lead you gently astray :Smile3: :ph34r: :lol:



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Ooooh a friend of Estelles is a friend of mine! :Grin:

:welcome: Miss Stardust and enjoy this crazy place!

May see you soon! :juggle:


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:welcome: ooooh, not more fluff :o... hehehe :p I do hope to see you at a party sometimes.....

have a bounce on me: :jump:

byeeeeeee! :wizard1: