needs more low end....... prog needs incredible bass, and the kick and bass dont really come this mix to a Freq track and you'll see what i mean. I'm only saying this cos the rest is fucking great, sort the bass, make new noises for the kick and bass and it'll be WICKED. Love the rest of the sounds, real clean and well mixed :Smile3:

Nice one :Smile3:

yeah i realised as soon as i listened to the uploaded version on a big system that the bass noises (inc. kicks) didn't have enough 'presence' in the final mix...

i wasn't sure what to do about it; it sounded a bit like over-compression was taking the heart out of the bass sounds, so i tried lowering the threshold/ratio for the overall compressor i'm using (endorpin), and increasing the volume of the kick / bass sounds slightly... now i'm worried i've gone in the wrong direction, lol :Grin:

do you have any recommendations for giving the kicks & bass more oomph, other than playing around with compression settings? i'm interested because the final EQing is for me usually the most difficult part of track construction, usually because i only have access to a proper soundsystem once a month now!

thanks :Smile3:
marc and jason -

i'm using Fruityloops Studio at the moment, with more plugins than my machine can realistically handle :Wink3: