Top 10 most played


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this stuff has been completey rinsed on itunes...

1 psysex - evil turkeys [expressions of rage]
2 silicon sound - african day dream [pure analog]
3 space cat - power up [power up]
4 psysex - the alien panic [expressions of rage]
5 paps - 2000 hands [remixes]
6 logic bomb - third revelation [mystery of 13 crystal skulls]
7 xenomorph - silimaki murder toolkit [drug therapy]
8 psysex - experimental procedure [expressions of rage]
9 silicon sound - electro body music [decoder]
10 psykovsky - golden green shit [same recipe]
11 pixel and wrecked machines - RPNGC (silicon sound remix).....relatively new compared to the count is increasing exponentially!!!
12 biodegradable - paradise waterfall [phaser]

it'll be interesting to know what others have listened to the mosst :Smile3:


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On my PC (psy only.)

1. LSD (World Sheet Of Closed String Mix) - Hallucinogen In Dub
2. Smoked Glass And Chrome - Ott
3. Dorset Perception - Shpongle
4. Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness - Shpongle
5. Melt (Youth Remix) - Pitch Black

I lost all my play times when I updated WMP ealier this year so this is by memory. Certainly that top 5 are in order - all well over 250 plays each on 'puter alone if not more, but the rest I couldn't say for sure.

Off the top of my head, the downbeat remix of Aiwana by Son Kite would probably be in there somewhere, as would LSD proper and Angelic Particles by Hallucinogen, Water by Medicine Drum, I Know That I Know by Capsula, Aura Borealis by Ozrics, California Sunshine (Youth Remix) by Abakus, Avalon by Protoculture, Quintessence by Ooze and an unreleased killlarrrrrrggghhhhhh Colin collaboration track. (Sorry, I keep thinking of more as I type; there are about twenty in total that run into 200+ full plays, not including other Shpongle and Ott stuff.) Basically all tracks I've had either really long-standing and/or madly obsessive relationships with in the past, as I have a tendency to listen to pieces I fall in love with for days and days at a time without going near anything else until the honeymoon period subsides. :iredface: God help me when I finally get me mits on that Jaia tune, the Timeline BPC remix I've recently been introduced to, and albums by Pitch Black and Tripswitch. Nobody's gonna see me for days innit.


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That award has to go to the album Elixir by the godtastic Kaya Project
Closely followed by the album Bazar Bizar by Trarosphere
which comes just before the album Bali by Midori, for that new age freshness.
And not forgetting Phonic Peace by Cell. for calming soothness.


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1.the islanders - Large lounge
2.Entheogenic - Midnight Eyes
3.Bluetech - first came the stars (shulman)
4.Aes dana - Purple
5.Tropswitch - Cartwheel


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1. The Levellers - Together All the Way
2. Visua - Vishudda
3. Vibrasphere - Lime Structures (album)
4. Fromem Ory - Distant Pulses
5. Nitin Sawhney - Dead Man
6. Nick Drake - From the Morning/'Cello Song/One of These Things First
7. BeatNik - Blue Mist
8. Deftones - Hexagram
and have also gotten back into At The Drive-In again. Relationship of Command is one of the best albums i've ever heard.


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great thread

great itunes

1. John Waite - Missing You (13)
2. Bryan Adams - Run To You (12)
3. Cassetteboy - Brian Cowboy and His Swaying Stance (10)
4. Men At Work - Down Under (8)
5. Butch Cassidy - Butch's Brew (7)
6. Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days (7)
7. Andre Absolut - Nightliner DJ mix (6)
8. Beach Boys - Wouldnt It Be Nice (6)
9. Cassetteboy - Joliver (6)
10.Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night (6)


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Currently it's

Cosmosis-Find your won divinity & Intergalactic fluoro funkster
Scorb-mutoid & Green eggs and Ham
The realiuty grid tunes on Wildthings-Wildrumpus
Ed Cox's Clowncore mix
Elgar-Pomp & circumstance
Floyd-Darkside of the moon


from last fm

top tracks June 18th - 25th

Meat Puppets - I'm a mindless idiot
Hallucinogen & Lucas - Pipeworm
Baphomet Engine - Sentimental Minds remix
Slag Boom Van Loon - Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium
Shift - Closer
Air Liquide - Superfreaky
Koxbox - The Great Unknown
Themselves - Live Trap
Sonic Cube - Last Jedi feat Sonnenvakuum
Ticon - Poem for Granny

overall top artists

Meat Puppets
Ojos de Brujo
Dead Kennedys
Atari Teenage Riot
Os Mutantes

It's strange cos my top artists are not really the music I listen to the most. I usually have the old winamp on random but most of those artists need to have the whole album played through, not just a track or two so it's probably from that. I haven't got all my discs on the pc either and I also listen to quite a bit of vinyl.

...and have also gotten back into At The Drive-In again. Relationship of Command is one of the best albums i've ever heard.
f'kn excellent album, funnily enough I recently started listening to that one again.