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I am a Psy dj from Canada who is moving to Birmingham in April.
I was directed to this site by Dj Roadkill in the hopes of finding promoter contacts,events and good psy clubs and people to meet and see.

I have been dj'ing 7 years and have recently sold all of my old hard trance and hard house records and switched over to psy completely.

I have been lucky enough to play at the Winter Music Conference (last year and this year) and with Infected Mushroom, Mer kal Bala, Maxx, Pied Piper Paul and the Designer Hippies since my transition over to Psy and they have made me fall in love with the Psycadelic scene.

I will have a live dbl disc demo from the Infected Mushroom show soon and would love to send it out to clubs and promoters before I get there.

Any links or websites that anyone could offer would be great please.

I look forward to experiencing the Psy scene over there, its fun here but pretty small.

Have a great day :shrooms:

Tristan Newton
Y2K Ent New York
GAD (Global Alliance Distribution) Rep for Canada/U.K
Hello and welcome!

There isn't a lot happening in Birmingham I'm afraid. You'll find that majority of parties happen in London. There is one in Birmingham (Fri 16th Jan):

STEREO CHEMISTRY returns in the New Year with a Cyber-Tribal Psychedelic
Trance allnighter @ its new home of SUBWAY CITY, Water St, Birmingham.

Guest DJs:
Kristian (Transient Records/Chichime, London)
Tekno Hippie (Sunrise, Manchester)

+ the Stereo Chemists:
Jon Kenobi
Will Dogon

Deco By: Chemistry Collective
Visuals By: Aztec (Aura Orange)

10pm - 6am
Entrance: GBP 7 on the Door


Maybe it'll be good for you to get involved up there to help boost the scene in that part of the country? You'll do good to get involved and help out with it, certainly. The northern parties often pinch folks from London for their line-ups. Occasionally some of the northern crew get to play down in London, but there's so many DJ's and others down in London that it doesn't happen often.

Perhap you could post some links to demos in the Media Production & Entertainment section of this forum?

Welcome Tristan. Birmingham hey. You'll find plenty of happy, smiley, fun loving people @ Stereo Chemistry, you'll miss the next one which is in March, but there'll be one just around the corner in May after your arival in April. Enjoy the forum m8, look forward to meeting you. :Grin:
Thank you very much for everything and all the help.

I am looking forward to coming out there and meeting everyone,
I was just at the Infected Mushroom show here (about to do the 3 hour drive home for work now) and they were amazing, I have never heard a set like that in my life, they used minimal gear but devastated the club, it was unreal.

Have a great week everyone and thanks again.

See you sooner then later

Tristan Newton
Y2K Ent New York
GAD (Global Alliance Distribution) Rep for Canada/U.K

</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Tristan Newton @ Jan 16 2004, 06:10 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Hi,

I am a Psy dj from Canada who is moving to Birmingham in April.

I have been lucky enough to play at the Winter Music Conference (last year and this year) [/quote:73ff745042]
Hi Tristan, and welcome!

What parties did you play at the WMC?

I was over there last year doing sound, (mostly Latin House :no: ) it's the most Hedonistic place I've ever seen.

There are some very good events promoted via this forum, (psy-project included.)
Its a really good place to make contacts in the UK.


BTW: If you thought IM was good, just wait till you hear some of the UK's underground live acts :punk: :punk:
I look forward to hearing the undeground sound if they compare to Infected Mushrooms set for sure. I enjoy new music and new artists/groups/djs or whoever plays it.

I was at Club Level last year for the Global Alliance Distribution Kick off event.

This year we are doing 4 days showcaseing our GAD djs and another major show at a new club that is opening the first night of the conference. here is the info if you are interested:

Monday, December 15, 2003

Global Alliance Distribution
Y2K Entertainment Group
Scene Magazine
& The Eternity Foundation
Gathering of the Tribes

Featuring the 2004 Global Alliance World Tour and the annual GAD
Agency and Artist Tribute

Gathering of the Tribes @ Venue: T.B.A: Saturday, March 6th
Gathering of the Tribes @ Venue: T.B.A: Sunday, March 7th
Gathering of the Tribes @ Venue: T.B.A: Monday, March 8th
Gathering of the Tribes @ Venue: T.B.A: Tuesday, March 9th
Gathering of the Tribes @ Venue: T.B.A: Wednesday, March 10th

Albany, NY. After organizing two of the conferences most illustrated events this past March for the annual Winter Music Conference, Global Alliance is anxiously awaiting the return of world’s largest electronic music gathering of industry leaders at the annual gathering in South Beach, Miami, FL. At the 2003 WMC Global Alliance and network affiliates had the privilege to host two high profile artist showcases at two of Miami’s most preeminent venues, the largest Club on South beach “the crown jewel of Miami “ Club Level and also at South Beach’s newest and most popular lounge - Jade. Between both events over 75 of America’s biggest DJ’s and MC’s and several thousand supporters converged at these events for two evenings of elaborate dance, music and celebration. All together the GAD artist showcases shared weekly billings at respective venues with other world class production agencies including: International Dance Music Awards (Jade), Funky Tekno Tribe (Jade), Contagious Musiq (Level), United Dj’s/Mixology (Level), and Ibiza (Level). Now in 2004, Global Alliance introduces Gathering of the Tribes - five artists showcases featuring world class artist originating from a conglomerate of internationally acclaimed identities each carrying an entourage of supporters who will be converging together as one to support Global Alliance, a network that has its eyes as representing the largest force within the electronic dance music at this years Winter Music Conference. The five GAD showcases will take place on each night of the conference at five of South Beach’s top venues and will feature a different theme and music styles compliments of over 100 of the Industries most deserving talents, creative artist that will be sure to touch on all genres of the diverse styles that originate from electronic dance, giving the music lovers attending this years WMC exactly what they came for - Variety. Global Alliance plans to announce the corresponding host venues of these groundbreaking series of events by January 1st, 2004 and the official lineups no later then February 1, 2004. Stay tuned for the Official GAD Lineups and Venues at

Latin house is all good to Steve, as long as people are dancing and having a good time is whats important. :partysmi:
Are you going to out there again this year?
If so mabey we can hook up and do some drinking.

take care

Tristan Newton
I never made it into Club level last year, we did 16 parties in 6 days, with an 8 man crew and 4 soundsystems.

We put systems in the Nation, Raliegh, and Riande hotels on Collins Ave
A couple of parties in the Opium Garden, a boat party hosted by naked pornstars and finally a three day beach party.

12 tons of equipment flown over from the UK, 10 days of hell moving speakers and amp racks around in 100% humidity at 115 degrees F. No more than 3 hours sleep per day, no wonder I lost almost 10Kg (20 lbs) while I was there.

As for the Latin House music, we did three album launch parties for masters At Work, plus several other parties with the same Dj's, We heard the same cheesy vocal samples and riff's everytime. Everyone showcasing their latest tunes, and desparate to show off the latest "exclusive" they had blagged at the conference.

Damn it was a good week B) :sun: :punk:

Maybe we will have that beer out there this year.

Hey Steve,

Here are the places and dates we are doing events this year if you will be in Miami again.

March 7th-9th @ Jade Lounge, 1766 Bay Road, South Beach, FL,

Here's our Sunday show upstairs:

Angel Alanis (Blueline, A Squared Muzik, Atrax, CA)
Frankie Bones & DJ Pauly (Blueline, Ghetto Technics, East Music, The World Famous Sonic Groove DJ team, NY)
Heather Heart (East Music, The World Famous Sonic Groove DJ team, NY)
Punisher (Uppercut, Seismic Records)
Greg Gow (Uppercut, Restructured)
Frankie Vega (Blueline, Uppercut, Sole Unlimited Distribution)
Gabriel Palomo (Zuvuya Recordings)
Michael Demuth (Blueline, Sweatbox, Y2K, Global Alliance, Chicago)
Dank (Funky Element, NYC)
Reactor (Global Alliance, Shoot to Kill, PA)

Middle room:

Matt E Love & Justin Johnson (Dancestar Magazine,, Kingsize, Cable Recording, U.S.A, FL)
Xcentrix (Shure Record Needelz)
Tim Baker (Elephant Haus, Real Estate Records, Pornographic)
Praxis (Music Reviewer for XLR8R)
Dean Decosta (Music Reviewer for BPM Culture Magazine)
Speed Demon (Music Reviewer for BIG SHOT Magazine)
Mani (OBS Management Company, Chicago)
Josh Werner (Gramaphone Records, Chicago)
Matt Nee (Kompute Musik, Chicago)
DAB (G-Boys, Global Alliance, NY)

Main floor:

John 00 Fleming (Most Wanted, UK)

Dave Aude (Moonshine, At large, CA)

Noel Sanger (Most Wanted, Nettwerk, FL)

Paul Edge (One Love, Most Wanted, Global Alliance, NY/UK)

The Maji and Samer aka Every Day Downers (Pangea Recordings, Global Alliance, FL/CA)

Philippe Certa and Wendl (Punch Media, Creamy Records, Global Alliance, France)

Curcar & Crespo (Altar Records, Studio Phonic, Global Alliance, FL)

Groove Fire (Pravda, Rise, Global Alliance, MA)

Samsara (Global Alliance, Maestro Vista,, NY)

Should be fun I hope :speaker:

Our main event is here: State Club 320 Lincoln Road on Miami Beach. (Grand opening)

GERRY KELLY DEBUTS STATE…Spectacular new Lounge & Club on Lincoln Road, South Beach

Gerry Kelly is set to debut an impressive new concept in South Beach’s most coveted location. Partnered with Maxwell Blandford, Gregory Selph, and Monika Olimpiew; they will debut STATE, a stunning new upscale lounge and club at 320 Lincoln Road on Miami Beach.

With smaller and more intimate lounges in vogue, STATE partners have commissioned a team of designers to transform twelve thousand square feet into a plush setting of imported velvets, taffetas, silks and mahogany with a magnificent belle époque chandelier as the centerpiece. Each of the three levels will have a distinct design including a gallery; luxurious VIP rooms, EAW Avalon Sound system and two completely separate styles of music.

A stellar team of hosts, disc jockey’s, entertainers and event planners has been assembled. Producers Ivano Bellini, Nicky Scanni, Pierre Zonzon, GiGi and Chilly have signed on as weekly residents.

STATE’s innovative design will accommodate special functions from elaborate settings for eight hundred guests to smaller gatherings for fifty. Award Winning event producer & restaurateur, BARTON G has been enlisted as the exclusive on premise caterer offering his original haute cuisine to a variety of corporate events, fundraisers and receptions.

In addition to regular evening formats STATE will host a variety of spectacular events. Dates have been selected for Von Dutch, Ted Baker London, Lacoste, Enrico Coveri and Winter Music Conference with a line up including Judge Jules, Perry Farrell, Todd Terry, Steve Lawler, Saeed and Palash, Robbie Rivera and Oscar G.

Advance reservations for tables are strongly recommended by calling Luca Fidenzo, Director of VIP Guest Services at 786 621 5221.

Gathering of the Tribes Music Summit

Sunday, March 7th, 2K4 – Wednesday, March 10th, 2K4
South Beach, Miami, Florida
@ the 2004 WMC

Presented by

Global Alliance Distribution
The Scene Magazine
Y2K Entertainment Group
The Eternity Foundation

South Beach, Miami, FL.

Gathering of the Tribes Music Summit. On Sunday, March 7th, a global gathering of dance music most influential identities within the electronic dance music culture will converge onto south beach, Miami, Florida for four days of intense music and dance for this years 2004 Winter Music Conference, the world’s largest gathering of its kind.

Gathering of the Tribes will be hosted by two of South Beach most prominent venues, the beautiful Jade Lounge headed by Patrice Gouty, equipped with 3 separate sound systems and 3 separate bars and the impressive new concept headed by Gerry Kelly (previous owner of Level), the State with dual rooms, in South Beach’s most coveted location.

Through out the four days, the GOTT music summit will pay tribute to the following agencies and labels: Just Say Agency, Most Wanted, Y2K Entertainment, The Joint, Media Services, 2 A.M Artist Management, Pangea Recordings, Uppercut, Blue Line, 45PSI, Columns of Knowledge Recordings and Sur America Records. An alliance of some of the industries most established promoters, producers, dj’s, mc’s, booking agents, record labels, Magazines and industry icons.

Headlining live performances will include appearances by: Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction, Lollapalooza), Ming & FS (Live), Alchemy (Live), John 00 Fleming, Maurice Joshua, Joeski, D-Julz, Frankie Bones, Noel Sanger, Dave Aude, Mea, Jesse Saunders, Reid Speed, Jackie Christie, Klute, and Simon Bassline Smith among dozens others.

Each showcase in each room on each night will feature a different theme and music styles compliments of over 100 of the industries most deserving talents, creative artist that will touch on all genres of the diverse styles that originate from electronic dance, giving the music lovers and dance fanatics attending this years WMC exactly what they came for, variety.

Global Alliance Distribution is setting the standard for the distribution and promotions of electronic dance music and its artists in the new millennium. We hope that you join us to raise the bar as we take things to the next level in our continuous journey that is dedicated to making our supporters dreams and visions become their reality.

Global Alliance fighting the war here at home. $1 from each paid admission from every Gathering of the Tribes event will be set aside for the Eternity Foundation a non-profit organization that GAD will be introducing at the 2004 WMC. This organization will be dedicated to assisting the families who have lost loved ones in our current war against terrorism.
<DAY 4>

Wednesday, March 10th, MAIN ROOM
@ State, 320 Lincoln Rd, South Beach, FL

Theme: Global Alliance World Tour A traveling multiple artist & agency network compromised by world class talent and representation that quite possibly features the largest driven force behind the regeneration and rebirth of the American electronic dance culture here in the new millennium (

Genre: Live Performances, 4 turntables, turntablism

Hosted by: Global Alliance Distribution

GAD brings together every major facet of the electronic music and media industry and positions them into three major sectors: creators/sellers (Artist), users/purchasers (Buyers) of electronic dance music with the third being supporters (Affiliates) of the GAD network and services. GAD will only exchange services and products from only the most responsible and deserving names in the now worldwide global market of EDM. The cream of the crop has been united for Global Alliance Distribution and its creation serves many causes, but none more obvious then to achieve the following three objectives: (1) Global Alliance and support for deserving artists within our industry (2) The distribution of their services to potential buyers who are starving for the latest in cutting edge music and (3) The promotions of these interactions through our extensive network of participating affiliates to millions of music lovers around the globe, all offered through an experienced source who has faithfully with stood and passed the test of time. Whether your interest be film, television, video game, radio, internet, magazine, festivals, club, concerts or what have you, everything is within the reach of the linked arms of Global Alliance. All that is left is our imminent search for additional members of exceptional identities from within the global community who are ready, willing and able to make a positive contribution to this network. GAD is setting the standard for the distribution and promotions of electronic dance music and its artists in the new millennium. We hope that you join us to raise the bar as we take things to the next level in our continuous journey that is dedicated to making our supporters dreams and visions become their reality.

Tribal Representatives

DJ Peretz (Perry Farrell) (LIVE)
(Jane’s Addiction, Lollapalooza, Porno for Pyros)

Ming & FS (LIVE on 4 Tables)

(Maya Records, NY)

Alchemy (LIVE)
(Bedrock, Global Alliance, Y2K Entertainment, Woman, NY)

Holy Rollerz (LIVE) (TJR & Ralphie C on 4 Tables)
(LOC, Y2K Entertainment, Global Alliance, NY)

Soularis (LIVE) (Soularis, Global Alliance, NY)

Tristan Newton & Vass
(Y2K Entertainment, Global Alliance, Edmonton)

Wednesday, March 10th, Area 2
@ State, 320 Lincoln Rd, South Beach, FL

Theme: Turtablism: The Art of Scratch 101… You all know who the pioneers of the sratch are and needless to say we all love and miss them, but how bout some love for the next generation of turntable wizards who have been faithfully keeping the tradition going of reminding the rest of us being a dj goes beyond “spinning two records†and “being coolâ€. Welcome to the art of scratch 101.

Genre: Hip-Hop & House Turntablism

Hosted by: Y2K Entertainment

Established in Albany, NY in 1999, The Y2K Entertainment Group is a full service music agency dedicated to the evolution of electronic dance music. We specialize in concert, tour and event coordination, talent buying, artist management and music production. Yet, what truly separates us from the rest is our proven track record of keeping things fresh by our relentless pursuit of finding and breaking in the latest cutting edge talent from all corners of the map, faithfully rewarding the hardest working and most qualified artists, agencies and labels in the business. Our in house booking roster continues to grow and currently features an international collection of widely known producers, deejays, turntablist and mc's, a network of some of the most prolific talents to ever hit the circuits. Y2K Entertainment's production resume is exhausting, consisting of over a hundred events covering six states and paying tribute to over a thousand of the world's top deejays over the last five years alone, events that have attracted tens of thousand of party goers from all over the world.

Tribal Representatives

The Turntablist on the night………

Alex Peace
(_Faded Muzik / Forever Soul, Chicago)

Josh “The Funky Oneâ€
(IHR, 2AM, IL)

(Trooperz Crew, Global Alliance, DMC Finalist, Virginia)

(Quixotic, Trooperz Crew, Global Alliance, DMC Finalist, DC)

Myke D
(Y2K Crew, Sweatbox, Global Alliance, Chicago, IL)

Dave Onex
(Rain, Las Vegas, 1015 S.F, Red, LA)

Chris Savior
(Y2K Crew, LOC, Global Alliance, NY)

(Global Alliance, 2003 & 2004 Regeneration DJ Champion, True, MA)

DJ Flave
(United States of Consciousness, WA)

I hope we can hook up for that beer and mabey get you into a few of our shows if you have the time.

Let me know and I can give you the number as too where I'll be staying, My cell phone contract is done by The end of Feb as I am moving out there so I will not have one on me there, will you?

Have a great weekend to all over the other side of the pond.

Tristan Newton
Y2K Ent New York
GAD (Global Alliance Distribution) Rep for Canada/U.K
Hi Tristan.

I'm going to be in South Beach from march 4th flying home on the 12th - for Symbiosis :Wink3:

We are doing 8 shows, tho as yet I don't know what ones, most likely all the Masters At Work, Jellybean and UC parties.
I think we're going to be based at the Riande Continental, on 18th and Collins, tho last year we ended moving to a Villa in Miami Beach (gave us some chance to sleep!!!)

Talamaska are playing on the 8th at "Studio" - conviniently located next door to the Riande, so no problems crawling home. :wacko:

Looking forward to that beer :drinking:

Audio Reality Ltd
Audio Reality USA inc.
I agree with the underground scene, well I hav too because that seems to be the extent of our Psy scene here, not alot of people that come out by those who do are amazing and very much like a family.
I look forward to seeing the scene there and hope I can contribute the style of Psy that I play to it once in a while, Dark, fast and mean..........and lets not forget the good old movie quotes. :punk:

Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible while I am living there.

Tristan Newton

Y2K Ent New York
GAD (Global Alliance Distribution) Rep for Canada/U.K